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A collection of all my favourite artwork which are all just EPIC! :D

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The phone stays silent for a while to the point I almost give up and believe he or she has stopped texting me. I have the number which I quickly but privately write down and store away, completely out of view from the window in case I'm being snooped on. If I pass the number or messages on to the Police or anybody, I'll suffer. And my loved ones. It could just be a mild threat that means nothing but at the same time it could mean anything. I don't know who this is but I don't want to risk anything. Not quite yet anyway.

Beep beep.

I jump, grab the phone and nearly press the wrong button and delete the message before I have a chance to read it. I doubt they'd text a repeat.

"I want you to stop being so stupid."

Stupid? Stupid?! How am I being stupid?!

"What do you mean by stupid?"

"You know exactly what I mean."

"No. I don't."

"Getting yourself involved. With HIM."

I don't need to be a genius to work out they're talking about Jeff. I highly doubt it's a jealous ex warning me to stay away from Gary anyway. He's a nice looking guy but he's really not worth all this drama. I get another text before I have a chance to reply back.

"Don't you have any regrets? Don't you feel anything? People have died because of YOU."

I feel an ache in the pit of my stomach. I try and block out what the text said but the words have already squirmed from the phone and into my brain, swirling round like a tornado. My fault. My fault. My fault. I shouldn't believe it. I shouldn't. But I do. They are right. If I stopped Yuna from going up to the balcony, she'd be alive. She would have nothing to fake her death for, so Dom would've been alive and happy. She'd have no reason to murder Mara and Becky. If I had walked Catherine home she'd possibly still be okay.

"It's not just my fault. Yuna made things worse than they had to be."

"And what about Catherine?"

"I admit that was my fault. But what can I do? I can't stop Jeff from killing people. It's his job."

"And what are you going to do if he kills someone you really care about? Your best friend. Your mother. Your father."

"He wouldn't."

"He already said he wouldn't kill any of your friends."

"That was different."

"And how many times now has he went to kill you?"

"You still haven't answered my question. What do you want from me?!"

My hands are shaking but its the adrenaline rush from the complete anger building up inside me. I know it's all just petty  insults and abuse from some coward hiding behind a gadget but everything he or she is saying is getting to me so much I can't pretend it's lies.

"Jeff would kill you."

"Answer my question!"

"Jeff WILL kill you."


"I want you to kill him."

I nearly drop the phone in shock, blinking furiously. Did I just read that correctly? Did they just tell me to...? What?! KILL Jeff?! Are they insane?! Are they crazy?! What the fuck?! I text most of this back to them, misspelling words because my hands are shaking so bad I can barely hit the right buttons. I can't kill Jeff! I don't want to! Never! I couldn't!

"It's either you or him."

Is that some sort of threat?!

"What the hell does that mean?"

"If you don't kill Jeff before it's too late, he'll kill you first."

"And how do you know that?"

"I already know a lot about Jeff. Much more than you do."

"Who ARE you?!"

"All in good time."

"Why are you doing this?"

"I don't have to be your enemy, Laura. I'm simply trying to help you."


"By trying to tell you that Jeff will just make your life Hell then slaughter you when he gets bored. That's why you should kill him when you have the chance."

"And why do you care if I die or not? Why do you want Jeff dead?"

"He deserves to die."

I cry out in rage. I want to smash the phone so they can't message me any more but they already got my number from somewhere. They'll probably get my email or Facebook or address. I can't escape from this person. I badly want to tell Jeff but I can't. I want to tell somebody but that's suicide. Why are they saying all these things? Why do they want Jeff dead? Why do they think he will kill me? I know he's made an attempt but he's never succeeded. Something stopped him every time and it wasn't physical. It must have been something emotionally or mentally.

As if he's fighting within himself not to let his instincts kick in.

Beep Beep Beep.

Three beeps. This isn't a text message I've received this time. This is a picture message. I already see it's from the same number though and I very reluctantly press the open button and have look. I'm expecting a dead body. A scary mask. Bloody corpses. A pair of eyes.

But instead the picture is somehow 100 times more scarier than all of those combined.

It's a picture taking just now of my window with me standing by it.

I gasp and reel back in horror then look out the window in an instant peering everywhere. The street is empty bar a stray dog roaming past. There are no human beings around anywhere. Damn it if only I looked out sooner. I may have caught whoever it is in the act. I don't bother texting back. I just can't. Luckily they don't either, for now, but I know that photo was a warning.

He or she knows where I am. They know where I live. They know where I sleep. They're watching me.

I have to let Jeff know about this. I need him to know someone is after him. Someone wants him dead. But who and why? Someone associated with Catherine? Someone from work? Whoever it is they know me and have known Jeff for a very long time. Who could it be?

If I tell Jeff, maybe he'll know. Maybe he can help me. Maybe he can kill them before they get to him first. God, listen to me, I sound like a murderer myself. I don't care. For once, I don't give a shit about Jeff's merciless murders. He can murder the crap out of this person as long as they leave me alone. I'm sick of this! Getting him involved is risking his life. It's risking everyone's.

So no.

No. I won't tell Jeff. I won't do anything that risks his death. I won't do anything to risk anybody's death. I've got myself into this mess and I will figure out a way out of it. No one has to die.

At least nobody I love.

I will get to the bottom of this mystery. I will find out who is behind all of this and I'll make them stop.

Leave me alone forever.

Leave my family alone.

Leave my friends alone.

Leave Jeff alone.

I'm not afraid of dying. I don't fear death.

It's so clear to me now. All these dreams. All these hallucinations. All this time. Jeff hasn't changed me. Jeff hasn't twisted my mind. Jeff hasn't manipulated me.

He has unleashed me.

I'm finally a strong person. I am finally out of my shell. I am finally ready to fight for what I love. And I won't let anyone get in my way.
The Bloody End Chapter 26
Looks like I've finally snapped and are taking matters into my own hand. But the question is how long can I keep it secretive from Jeff and everyone? Will I be able to track down and stop this mystery texter before they get to Jeff first? 

Next: Soon
Prev: The Bloody End Chapter 25
I was meant to have a new chapter of The Bloody End up ages ago but my internet has been dodgey the past few days, maybe because of the weather, so that's why there's a bit of a delay! Hopefully I'll get the next chapter up by tomorrow!
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Time For a Chat

These past few weeks I've been ill, first mentally and emotionally due to the stress of having someone I love suddenly being bipolar with how he acts around me, having some creepy person text and stalk me one minute threatening me and one minute warning me about Jeff, and above all I have to keep it all a secret from my family, my best friend. I'm scared they get hurt. I'm scared I'll be locked away either in a mental hospital, or in prison. The stress was enough to make me physically ill, so much so, I've been signed off work by my doctor for the next week. Its not really a positive thing though because having nothing to do to distract myself from everything just makes me sit around moping, enough to think/worry/panic over everything. I tried to insist I was fine but mum wasn't listening.

"If the doctor thinks you need a week off, then you do."

"But I feel fine."

"Sweetheart, you're as white as a ghost, you look like you haven't slept in weeks and the truth is you look much thinner too, like you haven't eaten in weeks as well."

Guess she has a point there. I've been out of my mind with thinking and worrying that sleep is starting to become a thing of the past for me and I can't remember the last time I had a decent meal, or at least enjoyed one.

"Is something wrong? You're not getting bullied at work or anything like that?"

"No mum, of course not."

"Trouble with Leah?"


"Boy touble?"



"I just want to help you, Laura."

"I know and I appreciate it but I'm fine really. Maybe its just a virus I've got."

She eventually backs off and leaves for work. Its so annoying. A part of me wants to cling on to her like a child, tell her everything from the start. But then I know the possible consequences and when I think about them, I don't know who to be frightened of the most. Jeff or the Mystery Texter.

I wish the Mystery Texter was Jeff all along trying to fuck with me but it cant be. He had no phone near him when the texts arrived. His hands were empty. Plus, where the fuck would he get a phone from? Where the hell could he charge it? I'm sure he has better things to do than to text me scary messages, like I don't know...kill people?

I know I should go to the Police but what can they do? Okay, so they've not really threatened to kill me or anything like that or even used abusive words. But this guy or girl seems to know where I am. They knew I was in the woods with Jeff because they warned me to leave. They knew Jeff was going to attack me and warned me to run. They know I'm fine and commented that they were glad I was still alive. I guess I could report a stalker? But if I do...the Police might hang about my house. They might put up CCTV. They might record and see Jeff leering about and look for him and catch him and I couldn't live with myself if that happened...when it's not even him who's texting me.

I bury my head in my pillow and scream into it. Why can't everything be like it was before? When I actually enjoyed Jeff being near me and wasn't terrified he was about to slash me to bits any second. When I didn't have some Psycho stalker texting me all the time.

When my friends weren't dead...

I put my laptop on, log into Facebook and see Catherine's profile. God she looks so beautiful, happy and bubbly. That profile picture was taken on her birthday. We weren't as close then but we still liked each other. I scroll down and read everyone's comments to her, telling her they miss her. Telling her they love her and will never forget her. The one's from her family are heartbreaking. Tears spill down my cheeks. No matter how many times I try, I cant shift the fact the Catherine's death is all my fault. Derek is right. I should have walked with her. I never should have let her go on her own. I type my own comment on her page.

"I miss you so much. Work is so boring without you. I miss your smile and our laughs. I'm sorry, Catherine. Love you. RIP <3 xx"

I had to write "I'm sorry". I know people may find it weird and it may look a tad suspicious since the murderer hasn't been found by Police yet but I just had to. I imagine Catherine reading the post up there. I know she'd tell me its not my fault. Hell she'd tell me to get a grip really but in a funny way I'd laugh. I miss her.

Beep Beep.

The sound of my phone makes me jump. I take a deep breath, knowing what I'm about to see and I prepare myself. Let me guess. He or she is going to comment about what I put on Catherine's profile? He or she is going to comment about me being of ill because of my Doctor? Or wait a minute, maybe they'll comment on my blue pyjamas and pink and white dressing gown I'm currently laying in because they're fucking stalking me?

I pick up the phone and open the message.

"I'm giving you a chance."


Beep Beep.

"If you even THINK about showing these messages to anyone, especially the Police, you will regret it all. Not only you, but your loved ones will suffer. Got it?"

Wait a minute...

Beep Beep.

"You do not report this number. Show it to anyone. Ask anyone. Or even look it up. I'll know if you did."

The number! They have unlocked their number! I can text back! I can call, though I doubt that's a good idea, but I can text back!

Beep Beep.

"And you're wasting your time if you even try and call me."

Texting it is then.

My hands are shaking, I'm starting to shiver with fear and excitement too. Alright, Mystery Texter, let's find out who you really are.

I hit the "Reply" button and I begin to type.

"Who the HELL is this?"

I send my message and within a few seconds later, a reply comes back. This person is eager anyway.

"All in good time."

What the fuck does that mean?

"Do I know you?"

"All in good time."

There's no point in prying. They're just going to keep being cocky.

"I know who you're NOT. You're not Jeff."

"Very bold mentioning his name. Or very stupid. Either or."

I start to feel anger build up in me but I try and remain calm.

"How do you know him?"

"All in good time."

I'm starting to get SICK of those four words.

"Then how the fuck do you know me?"

I expect the same reply.

"It doesn't matter how I know you, all the matters is I DO know you."

"What do you know about me?"


I start to feel sick. This could be anyone, literally anyone at all and they could be anywhere. I could sit next to them the next time I'm on a bus. I could serve them a pint when I'm behind the bar at work. I could mutually chat to them when they serve me at the shop. And I don't have a clue.

I sigh once again and reply back.

"What do you want from me?"

Message sent. Time to wait for a reply.
Tattoo Number 4! XD by littleangellaura1
Tattoo Number 4! XD
Okay say it, Im obsessed. Well you know what? Who cares?! Craig, my nice (and very HOT!) tattooist said theres nothing wrong with tattoos if they  make you feel good and confident about yourself which is what I really need in my life, a confidence boost! He's so right. My tattoos make me confident. I hate when people say "You'll regret it when you're older". I don't know what I'm going to feel, think, regret in 50 years. I don't know what I'm going to feel, think and regret tomorrow. So how the Hell will you know?!

Okay rant over! XD My new tattoo! The anchor is on the same arm as my "Stay Strong". Anchors are meant to resemble strength so that goes along well with the Stay Strong. And in a happy turn of events, one of my best friend's got the same tattoo and we're really close and have been since we were 5, so in a way its a best friend tattoo. The anchor keeps in place the boat that resembles our friendship :) Makes our friendship strong and secure...or something along those lines XD But...Yeah :D
Frustration, Confusing, Questioning.

I'm still alive.

I think so anyway.

I crack an eye open, peering down at myself and feeling my body with my hands, desperately looking for cuts or blood. I don't feel anything sharp or painful and instead just feel heavy pressure on my chest. Time seems to have stopped completely. For a moment I'm stunned silent as I was expecting to see my jacket stained red but instead it's just its usual black colour. I hear my dog barking and growling violently nearby. My pants of fear are in unison with Jeff's pants of anger or rage or whatever emotion he is feeling currently. I dare look up at him to see what I can read from his usually emotionless eyes.

He isn't looking at my face, but more my chest, eyes wide as always, teeth slightly gritted, his black, greasy hair flopping over his face but he doesn't seem to care. I quickly realise the pressure on my chest is Jeff's arm, pinning me against the tree rendering my completely helpless. I'm at his mercy, really. But where is the knife?

Seeing something glint in the corner of my eye, I slowly turn my head to see the knife, mere inches away from my head, sitting inside of the tree trunk. Either Jeff's vision was off or I moved my head at the right angle at the right time. I'm alive though. I can't believe it. I thought this time I was dead for sure. I've been accidentally stabbed in the stomach by Jeff, knocked out and beaten by that crazy bitch Yuna and survived both of them to tell the tale. (Quite frankly, I don't know who was the most insane out of the two). I thought this was finally it, my time of death had come. But no. Jeff has avoided killing me. Again. For now.

I don't know what to say, if anything at all. Tina is still growling loudly and I'm frightful she'll attack Jeff again. I see the blood dripping from his arm at her bite but he's shaking violently, full of adrenaline, that he doesn't seem to notice.

Beep beep.

Oh God, not again.

The noise of my phone makes us all jump, but thankfully this time Tina doesn't attack in fright again. She just barks louder. Jeff's panting slows down and I hear a loud, shuddering cracking noise as he twists and yanks the knife from the bark, little pieces flying at my face but I make no attempt to move them away. I don't want to make any sudden movements at all. I'm too scared to. It's the first time since I met Jeff I have been this terrified of him. This is the second time he's made an attempt to kill me. Each time, getting more closer. I feel the pressure release of my chest as Jeff draws back his arm. He takes a few steps back and raises his head to look me directly in the eyes. I remain silent as I stare back. In my head I am begging him to go back to what he was like moments earlier, his usual cocky self that is indeed terrifying, but nothing compared to this. This is Hell in front of my eyes. Without saying a word to me, Jeff just gazes at me a few moments longer, lifts his hood up and walks away, hands in his pocket, head down. Tina wants to chase him but I grab her leash and hang on to her tightly until she's stopped barking and growling, and Jeff is fully out of sight.

I realise I'd stopped breathing and let out a heavy sigh, so bad my chest aches. I collapse against the tree, trying to get my breath back and calm my furiously beating heart. I'm glad I don't have any heart conditions or I'd be forever in the hospital thanks to Jeff.

What is happening?

I used to love being with Jeff. I loved having my own secret passion for him. I loved him despite all his crazy flaws. I even loved the fear in a...weird way. But now...

Now it's like...the Honeymoon period is over. It's like he's always watching me and stalking me, like he's keeping an eye on me.

He has killed my friend.

I've had endless horrific dreams and hallucinations because of him.

He's attempted to kill me twice.

And now these eerie texts which are not from him, but are to do with him. They must be.

Speaking of the texts...

I slowly put my hand in my pocket to grab my phone, still keeping an eye out for Jeff just in case he's hiding, ready to lunge out at me from somewhere. I keep a firm grip on Tina who is now just eating some grass, totally forgetting what just happened. I sure as hell haven't! Regardless, I grab my phone and see I have two unread messages, from unknown, private numbers. I wonder who this can be. And that's only half sarcasm.

I check the first one, that one that arrived moments before Jeff almost stabbed me. The whole initial cause of the incident, really. Well it better be worth it.

"I warned you."

Well he or she isn't a liar anyway. They did warn me loads of times to leave but of course I never paid attention. Whoever this person is, one minute its like they are against me, are wanting to somehow blackmail me or threaten me endlessly, to creep me out. And now it's like they are on my side. They knew Jeff was in there, they knew he'd attack and they wanted me to get out of there so I was safe. They want me alive for something. But for what?

I decide to read the second text that arrived a few moments ago, hesitant at first and paranoid about Jeff or anybody finding me, then pressing the button to open the message.

"Glad to see you're still alive."

That's it for me. Nope. I'm done.

I grab Tina and make a dash out the woods, nearly tripping over fallen branches and twigs and then nearly slipping on the damp wet grass outside but I don't care. I just want home. I want to feel safe, or at least safer. I'm panting, sweating, running out of my breath and I don't think Tina is taking too kindly to all the running but I don't care about any of those. I don't dare look back, I don't dare look around me, I don't dare look at anybody. I'm so paranoid. I see people with their phones out. Any one of them could be sending me these texts. Any one of these could be my stalker.

I have to get home.

I switch my phone off as soon as I come charging through the front door. I take off Tina's leash, and rush upstairs, locking myself in the comforts of my own bedroom. I throw my switched off phone to the side. I lock the window. I close the curtains. I am even tempted to barricade my bedroom door. I just want away from it all right now. The texts. The fear. Even Jeff.

I see the corner of the letter from Liu peeking out from under my pillow. I never once question any of it do I? How Jeff's dead brother gave me something in a dream that I now hold in reality. How Jeff even found me and why he grew attached to me. How much of my life has been corrupted, even destroyed, with all of this. People have lost their lives. People have lost loved ones. People have lost their own sanity more or less. And I always seem to walk away unscathed, though knowing I have a role to play in it.

Is it still worth it? Is loving Jeff still worth all of this? At first I would have said yes. Now I'm not so sure. I love him. But how long can I hold on for until I am the one who loses sanity and get locked away? Or worse. Until I'm dead.

And now this. My mystery texting stalker.

I've established it's not Jeff. Well great, one down, only 6 billion human beings to go. No way, it has to be someone who knows me. Maybe not personally, but know of me and of course Jeff. Jeff was one of my suspects behind the texts, possibly him setting up another one of his trust tests or schemes or whatever, but that's impossible now. I got a text from the mysterious stalker when Jeff was right there and he never had a phone in his hand. I don't think he even owns one.

So then who is it?

And how long before I finally snap and go crazy?
The Bloody End Chapter 24
The first chapter of 2015 :) And many more chapters to follow! I did mention that this will be a long story. I'm taking a wild guess and saying they'll be at least 30-35. Maybe even more! Its the final story in my Jeff the Killer series so I wanted to make it a good one!

Hmm. So Jeff is ruled out as the one behind the texts. So who do you think it is?

Next: The Bloody End Chapter 25
Prev: The Bloody End Chapter 23


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Call me "Laul" :)
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10. I'll NEVER grow up ;)
I was meant to have a new chapter of The Bloody End up ages ago but my internet has been dodgey the past few days, maybe because of the weather, so that's why there's a bit of a delay! Hopefully I'll get the next chapter up by tomorrow!
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