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A collection of all my favourite artwork which are all just EPIC! :D

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Seal the Deal

My head feels horrible, like someone is bashing it in with a hammer. I feel this horrible rotting feeling in the pit of my stomach. I try and crack my eyes open but the dim light that fills the room makes me squeeze them shut again in agony. The only comfort I have is I'm not lying on a cold, hard floor but I'm lying on something comfortable. I feel with my hands that it's something quite soft and slightly springy. A bed? A couch? Come to think of it. Where exactly am I? The last thing I remember was standing on the bridge, falling, hearing someone whisper to me and then blacking out. Who? Where? What?

I slowly begin to recollect everything and pull myself together, opening my eyes to face the dull light before me and ease myself off, what I soon realise, to be a mattress. Not the cleanest of mattresses but it's better than hard concrete. Trying hard to ignore my pounding head and churning stomach, I look around, slowly taking everything in. I can see a ripped, tattered old sofa, a broken table, empty takeaway cartons, cans, apple cores and multiple wrappers and containers laying around everywhere. There are two smashed windows, one of which semi-boarded up. The walls are stained, ripped and crumbly looking, to mention the state of the floor. In fact, the mattress I'm laying on is the cleanest piece of furniture (if you can call it that) in this place. For a few minutes I wonder who on earth would let their house go this way and then it finally dawns on me; Its an old, rotten, abandoned house. It looks like its been abandoned for many years, I'd say about 10? 15? Possibly longer.The dim light comes from a few lit candles scattered about the room so someone must be staying here. But who?

Who brought me here?

I'm not immediately terrified. If they were kidnapping me, I'm sure they'd have tied me up. And if they were killing me, I'd assume they'd have done it by now.

Go to sleep.

Those were the last 3 words I heard before blacking out.

Wait a sec... of course! It makes sense now! Only one person has a way of saying those words that make it sound both terrifying and comforting. Only one person would hideout somewhere like this, somewhere isolated, a place no one would go. Only one person would bring me to a place like this.

I know full well who this one person is, that I don't even jump when I see a door opening and a whit hooded figure enter the room, smirking right at me.

"Well, look who's awake."

"Hey...Jeff..." I try and sound as casual as I can. I stand up straight but in the process I feel a bit dizzy again and have to hold on to the nearby broken table to steady myself. I look as calm as I can and ask him what happened as my mind is mainly a blur. Jeff just stares blankly, tilting his head to the side a little.

"I was hoping you would tell me."

"I...can't really remember.."

I don't really want to tell Jeff about my sudden alcohol binge at work, but with the way he's smirking at me, I think he already knows.

"Your lucky I saw your face, you know. I can't stand drunks. They're usually my main targets when I'm feeling bored. But I guess with you I'll make an exception this time."

"I'm not a constant drunk. I just had a bad time at work...."

Jeff frowns a little, sauntering casually over to me. The closer he gets, the faster my heart beats and the feeling of butterflies fly about my stomach, until he brushes past me, staring out of the grubby, broken window that isn't boarded up. He has his back turned to me and I see him take something out of his hoodie pocket. I immediately assume its his trusty knife and I back up a tad, nearly tripping over the table legs. There's a chilling silence for a moment. I question whether I should stay awkwardly lingering as I am now, or leave. I don't want to say or do anything to anger Jeff this time that'll make him go for me. We're isolated, they'll be no one to save me this time. I doubt It'll be third time lucky for me and I'll survive. Eventually I see Jeff's head lowering a little and he begins to speak.

"You really fucked someone over did you?"


"You're supposedly crazy? Ooh. And pretty twisted too. Wow. We have a lot in common, huh?"

"What do you me-"

"Oh I like this one. Me and you make a PERFECT pair! Aw. Aint that just sweet?"

What is he talking about?

"You'll regret messing him about? Someone really has it in for you, dearie."

The way he's talking, like he's reading something out loud. And what is he going on about me messing someone about for? Who have I supposedly messed with that Jeff would know? The only person who said that was...

Gary! Shit! The texts! Jeff's reading the texts! I remember now. I remember Gary going apeshit at me. I remember believing every threatening text message I've been getting are from him! I remember my phone skidding along the end of the bridge into the darkness. I assumed it was gone forever. Clearly not. Jeff rescued it. As he turned to face me looking both amused and stern, I see the familiar phone in his hand. He's got it alright. And he's read every single text.


"Yes. Oh. I guess THIS is what you were trying to tell me?"

I just nod. He sounds angry and his voice is slightly louder. I don't dare say a word in case it's the last word I EVER say.

"Mind explaining what's going on?"

"Jeff. It's a...long story. Look I can sort this-"

"What's going on?"

He sounds a lot more stern now. He sounds seriously pissed off and to be honest I can't blame him. My stalker has made it plain that he or she knows all about Jeff and that must be winding Jeff up to shit because well whoever it is seems to be stalking him too. Jeff is the stalker. He doesn't do being stalked. And he doesn't want anyone to know his business, I'm sure. I guess I have no choice but to tell him everything.

"Okay. It started like this..."

It takes god knows how long to explain the whole story to him. Not only do I have to explain what happened but I have to talk for myself too, tell him why I kept it a secret. Tell him why I didn't mention Gary to him when I had the chance. I should be worried about the time and that my parents will likely be going mental wondering where I am. They probably tried ringing but I doubt Jeff would have happily chatted to them to tell them I'm alright.

By the time I mention today's events to Jeff, I'm literally out of breath like I'd just finished a marathon. It's not always easy to learn what Jeff is feeling because his expressions can be difficult to read but he seems slightly...concerned. I'm probably kidding myself and he's just pissed off or bored with my story but there just seems to be a small look of concern in those crazy eyes of his. Just a little bit.

"So please",  I wrap it up. "Please don't kill Gary. At least let me find out the truth..."

I feel a bit bad. Here I am begging for Jeff not to kill my workmate/possible Stalker and poor Catherine is now buried in the ground. I'm still so angry at Jeff for that and want to go berzerk, but now really isn't the time.

"And if it IS this Gary that's behind it all?", Jeff quizzes me, looking me in the eye.

I'm the first to look away, staring at the ground.

"Then...I'll let you do what you want." I can't bring myself to say the words. I can't bring myself to give, permission more or less, for Jeff to go and kill someone. I know he will likely do it with or without my permission. I can't tell him what to do, but hopefully pleading will be enough. I just can't let a possibly innocent person be killed. Not again. Too many people have died because of me.

I can't let it happen any more.

Jeff actually looks slightly amused now, a small smirk appearing.

"You got guts, you know that?"

I look up at him, confused at that sudden remark.

"Guts? Me? How?"

"Here you are, you've just woken up after passing out from an alcohol binge. You don't know where you are. The only person around is an infamous killer. And you're stopping me from doing the one thing this infamous killer loves to do."

" agree? You'll let Gary live and let ME deal with this?"

"If I regret doing so, I'm breaking your neck". It sounds like a deadly threat that I freeze for a moment, chills running down my spine. But then I see that familiar cocky little smug grin spread on his face and his eyes narrow.

"But fine. You win. Little Gary gets to live. At least for now."

I don't know what it is. One second I hated Gary, and wanted him dead. Now I'm so relieved that Jeff isn't going to slaughter him that I suddenly become overcome with emotion. I don't quite know what I'm doing but I suddenly just throw my arms around Jeff and hug him. I don't care that there's a sharp knife in his pocket that's inches away from my heart. I don't care that Jeff has an even darker side to him that he could switch too at any time. I don't care that I could be dead in seconds.

I just want Jeff.

I feel him tense up at the surprise hug and I gently let go of him and look at him, clearing my throat a little.

"Sorry...uh...thanks, Jeff. I'll sort this out. I promise."

"You will, huh?"

"I'll try."

It's just then I realise how close I really am to Jeff. My face is inches away from his. I feel his breath on my skin. I see the light shining in his wild eyes. I can see his bleached facial features.

I have no idea what I'm doing but I find myself slowly placing a hand on his cheek, forgetting that he's like a rabid animal that could attack at any time. I want to remind myself of that lovely, leathery feel of his face. I slowly eye up his distinguished face. The skin. The carved smile. The unblinking, black rimmed eyes. Being honest it's enough to scare, shock and traumatise some people. But not me. Never. It's never scared me. It's never terrified me. It's made me fall in love.

Fuck what the world thinks.

He's perfect.

I lean in closer. I expect him to pull away but he just stands there gazing. I have no idea what he's thinking. I don't care if I'm killed for this.

I press my lips against his.

In the end...

A kiss.

In the's worth it.

I might be crazy but I think he's actually kissing me back. Maybe.

Just maybe.
The Bloody End Chapter 30
Finally, a kiss! XD 

Will Jeff stick to the promise of not killing Gary? Is Gary really innocent? All shall be revealed...eventually ;) 

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Mental Health Awareness by littleangellaura1
Mental Health Awareness
I got the idea of making my own Mental Health Awareness poster :) It's not the best but hopefully gets the message across! This goes out to all you silent, secret sufferers out there like me. Just remember to be strong and there is help out there for you and you will get through it in the end! You're all wonderful people! Stay Strong! <3

Photography, editting and "model" - Me :)
Stay Strong by littleangellaura1
Stay Strong
Out of all my tattoos, these 2 are my favourites because both represent the constant battle I have to fight through everyday with my inner demons, my mental health and self harming. And I know I'm not the only person who suffers from these conditions so I decided to post this to remind all those who suffer from a mental illness or just generally having a difficult time right now to remember to stay strong, keep fighting. You will get through it and everything will be alright <3 

Wait. What am I saying? I'm technically making Jeff my own Hitman! It's actually quite weird. I can literally have anybody I want killed, anybody at all. All I really have to do is ask Jeff. I doubt he'd have any objections, this is what he does! It's..actually scary to know I have that power. I don't have to commit the murders. I just have to say a few words.

And I can do that right now.

In my head I believe Gary is responsible for all these messages that are making me fear for my life, for Jeff's and for all my loved ones. I could make it all stop and all go away. But I know deep down in my heart I know, and possibly believe, I'm wrong. Gary isn't responsible. I know he's bitter but would he really..DO something like this? I mean he seems to care about me, or he'd never have made that move on me, or get so angry at my rejections. These texts started happening before the rejection. If he did have a plan to kill me...why? What possible reason could he have to end my life?

I blink, realising I was daydreaming. Jeff stands there staring. At first he looked concerned but now he is looking at me weirdly, a slightly creeped out look on his face.

"Oh you're alive. I thought I was going to have to drag your body and dump it somewhere", he hisses smugly.


"Sorry. Just thinking."

"So..? Who do you think this guy is? I have a feeling I know what you want me to make of him. You don't have to ask. I won't say no. But you gotta tell me who he is."


Moment of truth. Do I take the chance and let Jeff slay Gary and possibly live with the guilt of having an innocent person die because of me? Or do I take the chance and let Gary live and fear what he's got up his sleeve? I just wish I knew the truth. Maybe that's what I need. To wait. By my time. Get more solid proof that Gary is the one responsible. I can't have Jeff kill him. At least...not yet.


Jeff peers at me closely. "No...?"

"I'm wrong. I don't think I know who it is."

"Well that's a quick change of tune."

"I thought I knew but I wanna....just make sure first."

Jeff looks at me weirdly and shrugs. "Okay."

That's it?


"Sure. Okay."

"You're not...mad?"

"Sweetheart, I'll have a body count of 10 tonight. Or 15. Depends how I'm feeling. Anyway who knows? Maybe your little boyfriend will get his comeuppance! He could be one of tonights victims regardless. How hilarious would that be?"

"He's not my boyfriend!" I shout that a little too loudly, clamping my hands over my mouth and Jeff just rolls his eyes then smirks teasingly. He's really good at winding me up...


Oh shit.

"Where the HELL are you? You have customers!"

With everything going on, I actually completely forgot I was working.

"Coming, Derek!"

I hear the sound of approaching footsteps. I silently pray Derek doesn't come in here. If he sees Jeff... Jeff himself looks the opposite. He looks excited and hopeful, wanting Derek to walk in. I actually see him reach for his knife in his hoodie pocket. I pretend I don't see it. Thankfully, the footsteps go away and I breathe a sigh of relief, almost laughing at Jeff's disappointed face.

"I have to go back to work, Jeff. Get out of here. How are you even going to get out without being seen?"

"Pfft. Same way I got in". He reaches up to the top shelf, bottles of alcohol shaking and clanking against each other. I gingerly hold the shelf, terrified something will fall. Jeff just shakes his head again, sarcastically blows me a kiss then climbs though the air vent. Well that was impressive. And freaky. I take a deep breath and go out to the bar where I see a line of impatient, grumpy looking customers and an equally impatient, grumpy looking Derek who jumped behind the bar in my place.

"Sorry, Derek. A bottle smashed. I'll take over!", I gabble quickly, not daring to look him in the face. I hear a sigh and grumbling as he walks away. I keep nervously watching and listening out for Jeff scurrying in the air vents but nothing. Thank God. I also keep nervously glancing at Gary. Every time I see him on his phone I tense up, expecting my phone to get a message. Every time he accidentally makes eye contact with me, I feel sick to my stomach. I can't leave it like this, especially possibly knowing what I know. I need to confront him and possibly learn the truth.

I wait until Gary goes on another cigarette break, I have no customers and Derek isn't around. Waiting on all 3 of those things to happen took a while. Actually it took until the evening shift. But regardless it's working in my favour now. I can finally talk to Gary.

I wait at the Fire Exit, taking a few deep breaths. I'm tempted to just run back inside and hide behind the bar like a coward but no. I need to know the truth, or at least have a better idea of who I'm dealing with. If it's him. I reach down, push the metal handle and step outside. Gary jumps, spinning round, eyes wide and ready to throw his cigarette away as he probably thought it was Derek. He doesn't look any less surprised to learn it's me though. Or less annoyed.

"Gary. Can we talk?" My voice sounds like a little mouse squeak and I feel beads of sweat on my forehead. I try hard to ignore it.

Gary just shrugs and makes some sort of grunt in response.

"Look, Gary. I don't want to leave it on bad terms but-"

"You know I really liked you?"


He takes a draw of his cigarette and looks me in the eyes. His eyes actually look full of emotion that I can't help but feel sorry for him.

"I really liked you. And I thought you liked me too."

"Gary, you have to understand. If I gave you any impression that I liked you more than a friend then I'm sorry."

"You girls are all the same though."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You like to manipulate us guys, get us to fall for you, then stomp on our hearts under your high heels. It's like it's all a game to you. Do you get a kick out of it?"

"Gary! What the Hell? I'm NOT like that! You KNOW me!"

"I thought I did. Now I'm not so sure."

"Gary. I don't want you to hate me. I just...want to know something."


"Do you...want to hurt me?"

"Is that the type of guy you think I am?"

"Gary I-"

"Oh yeah I bet you've told all your friends I am!"


"Just leave me alone."

"Gary please..."


There's a small silence. Both of us stare at each other. Gary looks pissed but shocked at himself for having that outburst. I don't know what to make of it. My eyes fill with tears but I can feel my hands shaking. They urge for me to attack Gary. They urge for me to put my hands round his neck and strangle him. I've never felt this before. I have been mad at people in my life but this is something new. Like some kind of dark entity. Some kind of dark force trying to take over me and destroy what I have left of rational thinking.

This time It's my own mind that is trying to get me to...kill.

I have to run back inside because of the pain and emotion Gary's brought on to me but also the fear. The fear of how strongly I felt those urges. The fear of how I was so close to carrying them out. The fear of how I think I would have enjoyed it.

When I'm back behind the bar. I make myself a drink. This is forbidden but I honestly couldn't give a shit. Derek isn't around. I'm not the only member of staff who does it and the customers couldn't care less. I have another. And another. It's near the end of the night anyway. All I'm doing is washing glasses. Not a hard task. When Gary walks in I sneak one more. And another after that. A double this time.

Safe to say I can't walk straight on my way home.

I had to spend the rest of the shift out of Derek's way in case he could smell the vodka off me. Luckily I'm okay at ACTING sober but the smell wouldn't help. I could see Gary heading over to talk to me before I left but I couldn't bare talking to him. I rushed right out, running as far as I could until I felt sick and walked.

I wish I never drunk all that alcohol. My parents will kill me for it when I get in, especially since I walked home, but to Hell with that. I don't care. I can't walk straight. I can't think straight. I feel like I'm going to be sick. I feel dizzy. My head is spinning.

I wobble to the bridge, stopping, crumbling to the floor and holding on to the railings. Don't worry the bridge is like 4ft from the ground. The worst I'll do is break a nail if I fall. I don't care anyway. I can't think clearly at all. Tears are pouring down my cheeks but I can't even remember and figure out why I'm crying. Is it Gary? Is it Jeff? Is it everything? My phone buzzes in my pocket. I don't want to even look at it. I know who it'll be.

Alright Laura. Get it together. You can try and act and look sober when you go home. Maybe if you rush right up to your room and into your bed, they wont notice. At least make it home first.

Keeping a tight grip of the railing I pull myself up but it seems like the hardest thing in the world to do. The fuzziness in my head only gets worse when I'm actually on my feet again and after a few steps I have to stop as my vision becomes more and more blurred. Oh God how many did I have? I thought it was just a couple to calm myself down. I cant walk the rest of the way home. I need to call my Dad to pick me up. I'll get a roaring for it but it's either that or I crawl home.

My hands are shaking. I fumble in my pocket for my phone. God I cant even see the buttons clearly. My hands tremble so bad I can't even HOLD the phone steady enough. As I go to press a button, the phone takes a life of its own and seemingly jumps out my hand and on the ground. I bend down to pick it up I fall and my hand nudges it across the other end of the bridge.


I stand up, this time way to quickly. Everything is spinning. I keep a hold of the railings but that doesn't help. I hear footsteps behind me. I stop walking. The dizziness takes over. Everything has gone black and I fall. I expect to hit a cold hard ground but instead I fall into a pair of arms. My eyes are half open but my vision is that distorted I can't make out who it is: until I feel my eyes becoming heavy and the person who is holding me shushes me then whispers three words.

"Go to sleep..."

Then everything goes black.
The Bloody End Chapter 29
I do not recommend drinking that much, especially when you're at work XD

Jeez Gary, what an outburst. Well I'm still no further forward about who the stalker is. Is it Gary? He did get angry but then again, he didn't deny it...

And who's arms do you think I've fallen into? XD *swoon* Pahahahaha! :P

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1. Sonic Unleashed, Grand Theft Auto 5, Tomb Raider (2013)
2. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog), Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog), Trevor Phillips (GTA 5)
3. Adventure, Horror, Action
4. PS3, 3DS, PC (If PC counts XD)
5. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
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7. Sonic and SEGA Allstar Racing Transformed (Bring it XD)
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10. It's a good way to escape the world for a while and get involved with a great adventure and get to know new characters.
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Call me "Laul" :)
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9. I've been writing songs ever since I was 14
10. I'll NEVER grow up ;)
1. 3 Favourite Games
2. 3 Favourite Characters
3. 3 Favourite Genres
4. 3 Favourite console
5. Currently Playing
6. Wish I was playing
7. You can't beat me at
8. First game I played
9. First console I played
10. Why I love gaming

1. Sonic Unleashed, Grand Theft Auto 5, Tomb Raider (2013)
2. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog), Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog), Trevor Phillips (GTA 5)
3. Adventure, Horror, Action
4. PS3, 3DS, PC (If PC counts XD)
5. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
6. Thief (Always wanted to play it XD)
7. Sonic and SEGA Allstar Racing Transformed (Bring it XD)
8. Pacman
9. TV Boy
10. It's a good way to escape the world for a while and get involved with a great adventure and get to know new characters.
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