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A collection of all my favourite artwork which are all just EPIC! :D

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A Frightening Message

I really am just a total idiot. Why do I chicken out so easily? I mean there I am all set to stand up to Jeff, give him that letter which could not only save me and my loved ones, but himself too, and every time I plan to do it...I can't. Something stops me every single fucking time. I get so close to giving him the letter but as I plan to, he's already going or gone and I just can't find it in me to call him back. So what's stopping me? Is it the fear of how he is going to react it because I don't have the heart to see it, other than for him to rip my heart out with his knife-literally!

Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong. I was having a shit day, there was a lot on my mind, there were whispers and mumbles everywhere at work, maybe I just got so lost in thought, a loud conversation between two people interrupted and I automatically assumed it was a voice from a ghost giving me instructions. Sounds like the most realistic idea, but going from what I've been through this last year, I highly doubt it was a coincidence. Or anything rational. I'm forgetting to get what that even is any more. I mean seriously, how do I approach a possibly touchy subject like that?

"Hi, Jeff. Remember your brother you killed a few years back? Well his ghost visited me while I was in a knocked out dream and gave me a letter to give to you which I think I was meant to do a while ago but I'm only just giving it to you now. Surprise!"

Well I think that'd earn me a few stabs to the stomach and a slice to the throat for good measure!

Maybe...maybe it's not time yet. Maybe I don't have to give Jeff this letter right now. I will, at some point, I have to. I couldn't keep it from him forever. I've always believed Jeff did, maybe sometimes still does, regret killing Liu. Something tells me he actually loved Liu over his own parents. He was close to him. He went through so much to defend him. It'd be wrong for me not to show this letter to him. But I just cant do it.

Not right now.

While laying in bed pondering over my thoughts and actions, I hear a buzz from my phone. A text message. It's pretty late but Leah and I sometimes have texting chats if we both find we can't sleep. Or Gary texts random messages when he's drunk or bored. It'll be one of the other. I'm not really in the mood for a conversation or for a babble of slurred, stupid words so I just ignore it, only to find a few minutes later my phone vibrates again. Another message.


I believe it's more likely to be Gary. Likely drunk. Mind you, maybe he's drowning his sorrows. About Catherine. Judging by his actions and the way he was talking at work, he seems to feel guilty about her death almost as much as me. Who knows? Maybe he likes her. She was bouncy, blonde and beautiful after all. Not a patch on the subdued, dark, plain me anyway. Hey, if a manic killer seems to like me, how bad can I be right? I decide to open the texts to see if possibly Gary is upset and needs some comforting.

Text number one. Surprise surprise it is from Gary. All it is is a bunch of numbers, letters, what I think are meant to be emoticons. I just sigh and text him back.

"Go to bed, Gary! x"

I chuckle as I send the text and then open up the next one and my chuckling stops suddenly and my smile is instantly wiped away. It's not from Gary. Or Leah. Or any contact on my phone. It's an Unknown number, private number so I can't even call or attempt to trace it. Usually they are just people trying to con folk out of money, or try and tempt them with "bargains" but not this time. This isn't a spam text send to thousands of other phones. This is sent to me specifically. And the message is pretty creepy.

"I know everything, Laura."

I just stare at the 4 bleak words with an awed look on my face. I nearly drop the phone in shock. I'd think it was maybe a wrong number. But the text has my name at the end. I highly doubt its a coincidence it was meant for another Laura. I don't actually even know any other Lauras!

I don't know why, it's just a text, but I start to feel uneasy. I feel a shiver up my spine. The number is purposely made anonymous so I can't even text back and ask who this is and what they know. I can't phone them. The only way I can communicate with them is if they call me first and I don't think they're going to do that.

After a few moments the phone buzzes with another text message and I dare open it, my heart thudding, but I breathe out when I realise it's just another drunk message from Gary. I ignore it this time. I sit my phone down and try and shake off this uneasy feeling as I lie down in bed.

It's nothing. It's probably just a prankster. You get them all the time. It's just some idiot trying to scare me.

I tell myself that over and over, whispering it out loud, repeating it endlessly in my head like a stuck record player and I find myself almost believing it and drifting off to sleep, until my phone vibrates again with another text message. By then my eyes are so heavy and I'm irritated, I actually forget about feeling nervous.

"For God sake, go to sleep Gary", I growl, picking up my phone and opening the text.

"I know all about HIM, Laura."

This time I actually do drop the phone in shock.

I'm wide awake now.

And I've come to the realisation that this is no prankster. This is something that I fear is much more worse and much more dangerous...
The Bloody End Chapter 21
Well thanks to modern technology, its no longer creepy letters through the door we get, but scary text messages now! O_O

Who exactly is texting me these messages anyway and what exactly is it that they're talking about? Are the texts some kind of warning... or threat?

Next: Soon
Prev: The Bloody End Chapter 20
Tattoo upgraded XD by littleangellaura1
Tattoo upgraded XD
So I had my local tattooist (who's HOT <3 XD ) add more to my butterfly tattoo because I felt it looked too bare on it's own :) And I LOVE it ^^
This morning, I woke up to fantastic news :D

My close friend Susan has finally, over a week after the due date, given birth to a healthy, beautiful little boy! :D They've named him Nathan and he and his mother are doing fine :D Huge congratulations to them both! I'm an Auntie again :3 XD <3
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Beyond the Grave

Jeff avoids any visits and/or confrontations for the next few nights, like he knows he's in the bad books, like a little kid hiding away from getting scolded. I did consider looking for him but I wouldn't know where to start, and besides I have a lot on my mind just now besides Jeff.

Work was absolute torture. We closed the day of Catherine's murder in respect to her and will be in a few days as we'll all be attending her funeral , which I absolutely fucking dread, but when we reopened and all solemnly went to work that day, all I could see and feel were pairs and pairs of eyes fixed on me. Lydia and Iris are currently whispering and shut up the moment I stalk past and sign it, and the moment my back is turned I can hear more whispers and can see glances in the reflection aimed at me. I want to run off but I can't. I swallow my pride, take a deep breath and go into the hall. Everyone, even the customers fall silent for a few moments upon my entry. I can't tell if the stares and whispers are out of sympathy that I'd lost my friend, or the fact they're blaming me for it. Gary can barely look me in the eye, though I think he feels guilty and sheepish over the phone call. And as for Derek...

He must be sore. He had a special love for Catherine, not in a romantic way, but in a father-daughter way. I know Derek has a son. Maybe he's always wanted a daughter too and Catherine fit the bill of the kind of daughter he always longed for. And now she's gone. Derek doesn't show face for most of the duration of work, which privately is a slight godsend since I have no clue what to say to him, but also depressing to witness. I want to go up to his office and talk to him but I don't even know where to start. And I really, really don't want to hear those sacred 3 words.

"It's your fault."

It is my fault. I do blame myself a lot in this. I shouldn't have let Catherine go home herself, especially since I know there's a murderer out there. God, I'm so angry. No, furious. No...I can't even explain how mad I'm feeling. And not just mad.... but disappointed and disgusted in myself. Everyone I've cared about to some degree, or people I knew who valued life, are gone because of me and Jeff.

Becky. Dom. Yuna. Mara. Catherine.

Becky was a sweetheart. Dom was a misunderstood, grieving father. Despite everything I went through with Yuna, I know deep down she was just mentally damaged and broken. Mara was my old boss, despite the ups and downs, I know she did nothing to deserve death. Granted, it wasn't Jeff who killed her, but it was his actions inflicted on Yuna that made her snap and commit the murder. And Catherine...Sweet, kind, bubbly Catherine...wouldn't hurt a fly. Hell, I'm actually starting to grieve for the old Policeman Jeff killed who I only met once or twice and wasn't too fond of either. But it's the factor that Jeff killed nearly all these people with me involved.

Now I'm starting to question everything. How Jeff really feels. Why he's doing this. Has he gone off me altogether? And scarily...who's next? Gary? Derek? Leah? Oh God. What if he goes deeper than this? What if it's my sister? My parents?


No. No that's crazy. Why would Jeff kill me? I know it seemed like he was going to that night but that was one time and he hasn't made any sign that he wants me dead any time soon. Not only that, but if he did he'd have killed me ages ago and probably not let things get as far as they are now. Although what does worry me easy Jeff snapped the other day. How in the matter of a few seconds he went from cocky to a complete monster all due to a few harsh words that weren't meant to be taken so seriously anyway. It's scary how easy he can snap. And dangerous, I know. Maybe I just need to be careful.

But I do want Jeff to understand what he's done to me. I don't want him to get away with what he's done. But what can I do? I can tell myself he's a human being, probably just as powerless as I am minus his knife and I could fight him. But It's dangerous. Jeff is such a complicated guy and the one thing no one ever wants is to have him as your enemy. I shudder at the thought and the memory of the things he's done and is capable of.

"The letter..."

I nearly jump right out my skin and actually drop a glass while in the bar but luckily it doesn't smash. I bolt up looking around for a customer that's needing served or a conversation a work mate has tried to have with me while I was standing in my daydream, probably looking half dead. Neither or is there. Gary is texting at the end of the hall, Jill is sitting looking bored, Charlotte is cooking and there is only about 6 or 7 customers all huddled together at the opposite side of the hall, nowhere near me.

I blink, shaking my head.

The letter? What letter?

The voice was a male voice, light, calming. I recognised it there, definitely a voice I've heard before. But when and where? And what does he mean a letter? What does a letter have to do with Jeff?


The letter from Liu, Jeff's deceased brother!

"My Dear Brother, Jeff..."

I still haven't given it to Jeff yet. I know Liu wanted me to but I never find the right moment. maybe? The voice. Liu. was Liu Woods! Is he telling me to give the letter to Jeff? Now is the time to do it?

What the Hell is it going to do him? What kind of emotional impact will it have on him? And will it be enough to make Jeff...contain himself, I guess is the only way I can word it.


I guess there's only one way to find out.
Sorry for slow activity on my story! I've been doing a LOT of extra shifts at work these past few weeks which result in me coming home totally EXHAUSTED! And not being up to writing! 

New chapter tomorrow :)
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Call me "Laul" :)
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8. I'm a huge believer in ghosts, spirits and demons. I'd love to be a paranormal investigator or ghost hunter
9. I've been writing songs ever since I was 14
10. I'll NEVER grow up ;)
This morning, I woke up to fantastic news :D

My close friend Susan has finally, over a week after the due date, given birth to a healthy, beautiful little boy! :D They've named him Nathan and he and his mother are doing fine :D Huge congratulations to them both! I'm an Auntie again :3 XD <3
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