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A collection of all my favourite artwork which are all just EPIC! :D

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It's no secret I've been unfortunate to experience mental/emotional illnesses. As much as I hate them, I don't feel ashamed admitting to them. They are who I am at the end of the day. My only worry was that the people I loved were going to turn their backs on me because of my flaws and sadly a couple of people who I thought were my friends have. They turned their backs on me and never once explained why so my only guess is they just couldn't accept me for me and, well that's their problem. But that's okay because I have my family and friends who have stuck by me through everything. The have given me the courage I needed and they are the reason I Stay Strong. They keep me going everyday. They are the ones that make me smile and I will always be grateful for the ones who stick by me and allow me to be me. I can't change what I've done or who I am, but everyday I get a little more stronger <3 :)
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Down to Earth

Okay, well there's no point saying "this isn't happening" over and over to myself like I would normally do in a situation like this, because this is indeed happening! Just to quickly fill you in if you've just tuned in to this story, I just killed a guy, that's right KILLED a guy who tried to murder the guy I loved...who is also a murderer but that's a different kettle of fish, his daughter just tackled me out of revenge and now we're both dangling over the edge of a 728 ft hill, hanging on for dear life. Just to clarify, this is indeed happening right now.

"Oh God, oh God", is all I can manage to say, trying hard not to look down. I'm not exactly scared of heights, but when you're hanging over the edge for your life, relying on rocks to stay put and not break off, you do become at least a little wary.

I hear Glenda stuttering in fear too, peering at the ground and trees a long way down below. I don't know if this is what she had planned or not, but if it was I think she regrets it now. She looks to me, and I catch her eye. She is trying to maintain that angry, dangerous look she had on her face when she tackled me over the edge but I can see the fear she's trying so badly to hide, and for a minute, I start to feel sorry for her. For a single second she almost looks like a child, a young, frightened, terrified child. I suppose, deep down, it's not really her fault she's so messed up in the head. It's not her fault her childhood was ripped from her. I'm not saying it's Jeff's fault either. Actually to be honest, now is not really the time to be playing the blame game.

"Glenda. Just...hang on", I say to her, trying to show compassion. Maybe we can call some kind of truce for the moment anyway, help each other. She seems surprised and I dare think she's seen the light but suddenly she scarily let's go with one hand and whacks my own, trying to loosen my grip.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!", I scream at her.


She keeps whacking at me and I try hard to pull myself up but it's no use. I slowly feel myself slipping. Oh God. This is it. This is it, I know it. My end has come. I thought Jeff would have been the one to kill me in the end but looks like this is how it's ending for me. I know I'm about to die. They say your life flashes before my eyes and that's exactly what's happening now. My life. My friends. My family. Jeff.

I'm waving goodbye to it all.

I'm slipping... slipping....

And just as I lose grip altogether and close my eyes tight, bracing for that feeling of falling, I feel something grip my arm tightly. I open my eyes, thinking it's Glenda once again but realise both her hands are holding back on to the edge of the hill again and she's looking up at something above me. I peer up at what she's gazing at it and my heart races faster than before.

Jeff is leaning over the edge, teeth gritted as he grips my arm tightly and starts pulling me back up. I'm in such awe I seem to loose control of my limbs altogether and just watch as he puts all his effort into saving my life. He pulls as hard as he can and I begin to lift up but he can't keep it up for long and I slip but he keeps a firm grip of me, fingers digging into my skin. He glares at me, beads of sweat on his forehead, eyes narrowed.

"PUT A BIT OF EFFORT INTO IT!", he shouts at me.

I blink, snapping out of my daydream and adjust to what's going on. Using my other arm, I put all pressure into using the muscles to lift myself up, allowing Jeff to pull me right up and back over the hill. I'm nearly fully over, just my legs dangling over the edge. I'm going to make it. I'm going to make it. I'm going to be okay!


I hear Glenda scream and suddenly I feel a large amount of weight coming from my legs, pulling me back down. I scream and Jeff grabs my other arm, and I grip tightly to his. I look down to see Glenda-hanging off my legs! She's literally hanging over the edge of the hill from my legs. I thought it was so she could be rescued too but no, she's doing all she can do bring me down. She isn't giving up. I try and kick out but its useless as she has my legs firmly locked together. Jeff is trying hard to pull me up but she's slowly bringing me down. If nothing is done soon, we're dead, and when I say "we", I mean me, Glenda and quite possibly Jeff too if he chooses not to let go.

I look at Jeff. I look him in the eyes. It's a matter of life or death here. I remember back to that moment with Yuna, that moment when she knocked me out and I was confronted by Liu in, what I can only assume was some kind of purgatory, he said I had to make sacrifice to save Jeff. Back then, that sacrifice was my innocence. Now. Now it may be the sacrifice of my own life.

"Jeff. Just....just let go", I say to him as softly as I can.

He stares at me, looking startled but doesn't say a word.

"If you hang on to me, we're all going down. Just let me go!"

I watch Jeff's expression change from determination, to anger, to confusion and then to something I've never seen before. He suddenly looks....devastated. He looks like he knows I'm right, but he's trying to convince himself otherwise...but can't. He knows I'm right.

"Just do it!"

His eyes lower a little, and to my surprise and fear one of his hands looses grip of my arm and lets go. I feel Glenda pull me down over the edge even further. Jeff keeps a tight grip of my other arm, still with that slightly devastated look on his face. I hold my breath, waiting on Jeff to let go off my other arm, when something catches my eye.

"Oh my God."

Jeff's eyes widen in surprise and he looks over his shoulder, and I feel him stiffen in shock too.

It''s Derek! He's still alive! But barely. He's limping over, seething with rage, panting hard, eyes burning.

"Y-You...I'll....I'll k-kill...y-you...", he stutters to Jeff, limping rather fast in this direction. Jeff tenses then quickly looks back down at me.

"Let go of me Jeff...kill Derek", I whisper.

Jeff looks at me, he looks at his hand holding my arm and suddenly, he lets out this cry of fury and grips my other arm once again, even tighter than before. I gasp in surprise as he somehow finds the strength in him to pull me, and Glenda who's still hanging on to me, up and over. I stare in awe once again, not quite believing it. Where the Hell did that come from?! He was struggling when it was just me alone, now with the dead weight he seemed to manage to problem. Something gave him that strength. Something gave him that courage to keep going. Something made him save me...

But it's not exactly over.

Glenda still has a hold of me. Jeff suddenly darts forward and kicks her full force in the face, taking her by surprise. I take this chance to quickly crawl free from her and stand beside Jeff. Glenda scrambles to her feet and stands, glaring at eyes, nose bleeding and tears in her eyes.

"BASTARDS!", she screams and lunges at us. At that moment, I feel Jeff grab me and pull me to the ground. I look to see what he's doing. The moment we crouch to the ground, Derek also lunges at us from behind. However, due to Jeff's quick thinking, he trips over me and goes flying forward- right into Glenda. Both of them stumble back and in less than a few seconds, both of them are dangling over the edge of the hill, hanging on for dear life.

Me and Jeff look at each other before standing up, cautiously peering over the edge of the hill. Glenda and Derek dangle, yelling out in fear, grunting and gasping in terror, especially when they lock eyes on a smirking Jeff and a surprised me.

"Well, well, well", Jeff taunts. "This is what I call father-daughter bonding."

Derek lets go with one hand and tries to swing at Jeff who simply takes a step back out of the way, chuckling.

"B-burn in Hell!", he yells at us. "BOTH OF YOU W-WILL...B-BURN...IN HELL!"

"Well, be sure to greet us when we arrive there", Jeff smiles, crouching down a little. "Oh and by the way. Say Hi to Yuna for me".

With one quick leg movement, Jeff full force boots Derek right in the face. He reels back, loses complete grip of the hill and plummets over 700 ft below to his death, yelling all the way down. Glenda screams and I just watch, feeling just like I did when I believed I killed Derek, when I stabbed him in the back with that knife.


Glenda sobs and screams abuse at us and Jeff just looks at me, grinning wildly.

"Care to do the honours?", he says, gesturing towards Glenda.

It takes me a moment to wonder what he means. I look down at Glenda who suddenly looks scared shitless. I think of just a few moments ago when I was dangling over the edge of the hill with her, just as scared as she was. She nearly made me fall. She nearly caused me to have to sacrifice myself. To save Jeff. But Jeff saved me regardless.

Jeff never gave up on me.

I grin at Jeff. I grin at Glenda and trying hard to match the same leg movements as Jeff (though nowhere near as impressive), I deliver a swift quick to Glenda's face and it's not long before she meets the same fate as her dad.

I breathe out, stumbling back far from the edge and actually falling to the ground, trembling a little. I shake my head in disbelief. I just can't get my head around it.


It's finally fucking over.
On the Edge


I don't even...

I don't even know what to say or what to do, or what to even think right now. All I can do is just stare at Derek's lifeless body on the ground, the knife laying beside him. I don't make an attempt to grab it. My head is a mess and I am trying to comprehend what just happened. Or perhaps, believe what just happened. What I've just done.

I've just murdered someone. I've killed a man. I took someone's life. Me. I didn't witness it, or help someone do it, I actually did it myself, with my own hands. I didn't think I had it in me. It's not something I'd honestly think I could ever do. I know deep down we all have it in us somewhere to take someone's life if we really, really had to. It's a situation I'd never believe I'd find myself in. I've killed him. I've killed Derek. I'm a murderer. No one forced me to do it. I did it. Willingly. No remorse. And that's the thing. That's the part I find confusing, that I don't know what's scarier; the fact I just killed someone, or the fact I don't feel anything from doing it. I should feel remorse. I should feel disgusted in myself. Horrified. Scared. Angry. Sad. Distraught. Something! But I don't.

I don't...feel anything.

I am glad I don't feel any positive vibes from it and have some sort of lust and feel for it and want to do it again. But the fact I'm totally blank and emotionless about what I just did terrifies me. Could it be because I saved Jeff?

Jeff is just staring, his wide unblinking eyes going from me to Derek and back to me. He looks slightly confused as I am, but more baffled and slightly amused like he too is trying to realise what I have just done. We both stare at the body in front of us. It feels like we're stuck in our own little world as I become so consumed in my thoughts, the outer world, reality, seems to fade away until what seems like hours later, Jeff finally breaks the silence.

"Well. Have to admit. Didn't see that one coming."

I still can't say anything but I glance at him to show I acknowledged what he said. Jeff waits a few moments before walking over and standing beside me.

"How do you feel?", he asks me, sounding slightly concerned.

I swallow the lump in my throat and finally manage to mumble a small, "I don't know", still staring at Derek's body.

"Do you feel satisfied?"

Eventually I manage to look at Jeff, right in the eyes.

"I don't feel anything."

Jeff tilts his head slightly, then gives what looks to be a single nod. Maybe he understands. Maybe he gets it.

"Is that how you're supposed to feel?", I ask him.

I'm a little stunned to see that Jeff is the one that breaks the gaze, looking away from me slightly, eyes facing the ground. It's a look I've never seen Jeff give before. It's almost a look of sadness. A look of...guilt.

"Is that how you felt? The first time you....well, you know."

I shouldn't press on but for god sake, I just killed someone, I need a bit of reassurance. But I'm not really getting any. Jeff still doesn't answer me. He just stares at the ground like he's thinking about something. I stay quiet again, looking away too but to the other side, at Derek's body. I hope to try and feel something after letting my actions sink in but still nothing. The harder I try, the less I feel. Then, Jeff lifts his head back up and speaks.

"There's still someone else to get rid of, you know."

I almost forget who he's talking about but then I remember. Glenda. I wish we could just leave now, head down the hill and get away from Glenda and this whole thing but there are 2 dead bodies and an injured psychopath up here. I doubt Glenda would take too kindly to her dad being dead. She'd go straight to the Police and of course Jeff won't get caught, but she's seen my face too. She knows my name. She knows Derek was my boss. They'd get my details of my home address and arrest me pronto. And I'm guilty. I killed her dad, I'm guilty. I couldn't deny anything.

"Yeah, you're right", I mumble to Jeff.

"What happened? How did you escape her?"

"I managed to grab that knife and stab her in the leg. Managed to push her off me."

"Wow. Nice work", Jeff chuckles slightly.

"Thanks", I mutter without any enthusiasm. Jeff will understand.

"Come on then", he says, heading back to the top of the hill. I glance back at Derek one last time then follow Jeff.

On the way up we pass Gary's body again. I do feel something when I look at him. I feel distraught. I feel more guilt and shame. I have to fight back the tears. I don't want Jeff to see me cry. I don't want to look weak in front of him. He takes a quick glance at Gary's body too then looks away. He doesn't look or say anything to me about it. Maybe he knows. I would never ever once think for one minute that Jeff the Killer had the ability to express any sort of shame, regret or comfort for another person. Now, for a second, a very quick second, I'm sure I saw it.

We get to the top of the hill and I'm ready to face Glenda again, let Jeff go and do his thing, but the only thing we are greeted with are the 4 benches in the middle and fresh blood on the grass. But no Glenda. She is nowhere to be seen. Jeff seems a bit surprised but I'm livid and a nervous wreck. Where the fuck is she? Did she sneak into the woods behind me and see me kill her dad? Is she away to the police station right now? Oh God. Maybe I should have just killed her when I had the chance...

"Maybe she jumped."

I look back Jeff who is playing with his knife now, scanning the forest for any signs of her.


"Maybe she jumped."

"What? Jumped off the hill? Killed herself?"

"Maybe. She was clearly fucked up in the head. She knew her dad was done for, surely. Maybe she decided just to end it all and jumped off. Or rolled off by accident when you stabbed her, either way."

I highly doubt either is true, but then again I can't immediately rule it out altogether. Could Jeff be right? Maybe she did kill herself. Or fall.

I guess there's only one way to find out.

I walk forward to the edge of the hill, my legs shaking slightly but increasing the closer I get to the edge. It's probably a bit late to realise I'm not the greatest when it comes to heights, even more so when I'm peering over the edge of a deathly high hill, nicknamed "The Suicide Spot". I hold my breath as I look over the edge, scanning what I can of the ground for a body. It's hard to see through the trees below but eventually I conclude there's no body to be seen.

"I don't think she jumped off. Or fell", I call to Jeff.

I lean back and turn round to face Jeff, and my heart nearly stops.

I see someone looming behind Jeff, from the forest, quickly coming closer.


I assume she has a knife or some sort of weapon and she's about to use it as a surprise attack on Jeff and I suddenly scream at him to move. He jumps and moves aside, knife at the ready. But I'm wrong. Getting Jeff to move out of her way is exactly what she wanted. She isn't going for Jeff. She isn't after Jeff.

She's after me.

Not caring, or not even noticing due to the adrenaline pumping through her body, about her injured and bleeding leg, she sprints right for me. Jeff, taking a second or two to realise what's going on, chases after her. I'm in too much shock to do anything. Jeff yells at me to get out of the way but for some reason I can't move my legs! I can't do anything but stare at Glenda.

She runs at me.

She swiftly tackles me.

And we both fall over the edge.

I don't know how the Hell I manage to do it but in that moment I break out of my trance and make a grab at rocks that sit at the end of the edge. I'm literally holding on to one for dear life. Right now I can only rely on the rock being sturdy enough and not breaking off to stop me from plummeting 730 ft to the ground...

This is the closest I have ever been to death.

And the odds of my death approaching have just increased as I realise that Glenda is also dangling off the side of the hill too, right beside me. And she is determined to make me fall.

It's obvious, if she's going down, she's going to take me with her...
No Other Choice

Laura's POV

I lay on the ground in shock, trying hard to shout to Jeff but with a foot pressed firmly on my throat, I barely manage a croak. I'm convinced its a trap. I'm convinced Derek is leading Jeff into the woods purposely. What has he got planned? Has he brought back up? A whole gang of people ready to jump Jeff? There's definitely something not right. And this bitch seems to confirm my suspicions.

"You should have said goodbye to him. Jeff's done for", she smirks.

"Shut...up", I breathe out, trying to move my neck to somehow ease the pressure on my throat. It doesn't work.

"Let's take bets shall we? I bet...10 minutes before Jeff is put down."

"Don't even-"

"Okay, I'll be kind. 15 minutes max."

"I said....shut....up."

"Or what? Don't forget, you're the one that's in a very difficult position here. I could crush your throat right now, snap your neck like a twig." She makes an example of this threat, putting more pressure on my neck, actually stopping me breathing for a few moments before relenting a little, allowing me to breathe again. I take a few deep breaths before shifting my head uncomfortably to look up at her.

"So why....don't you just....kill me now?", I say through struggled gasps. "Get it.... over and done with."

"Tempting. But actually I want you alive."

"And that?"

"So you can witness first hand the death of your beloved Jeff, of course. So you can understand what it's like to hurt, to be put through that much pain, to feel like your life has been torn a part. Your precious Jeff ruined my life. And I want revenge. Killing him isn't satisfying enough. And he hasn't exactly got a decent life to ruin, so you're the next best thing. Your life will be destroyed, just like mine was thanks to Jeff. That's satisfying revenge enough."

"Look. I'm...sorry that happened to you. I'm sorry were traumatised and needed...therapy and such but you need to remember. Jeff didn't...intend that. He didn't deliberately...aim to traumatise you like that. He just....snapped. He....wanted....revenge." I feel light headed and close to passing out due to my constant gasps between every few words. Glenda seems to show a fraction of remorse by easing the pressure of her foot a little more so I could talk better.

"I don't care what he did or didn't plan to do, the fact is he did it anyway."

I turn my head again to face away from her and notice something that gives me a glimmer or hope. Something laying on the ground not far from my reach. If I reached out enough I could just grab it. But the only problem is, I have to do it without Glenda noticing or she'll crush my throat for sure. I need to distract her. Keep her talking.

"What did you see at the party?", I quiz her, very slowly reaching out for the object on the ground and hopefully being subtle about it. The pressure hasn't intensified again so I'll take that as a good sign.

"I'm sure Jeff has told you everything. Made himself out to be the innocent one did he?"

" I mean....what did you see? What do you think of it?"

"Why so interested to know?", she scoffs, sounding almost bored.

"Something to pass the time", I respond as casually as I can.

"Jeff cold heartedly murdered those boys. He took their lives away. And I know, I know, it was 'self defence' and he was 'defending himself' and getting 'revenge for his brother' blah blah blah, but he murdered them. He killed them. They were all just young boys. Kids. Do you know the funniest part?"

I suspect Glenda is looking down at me and I abruptly stop reaching out and let my arm rest.


I wait I see her head raise again from the corner of my eye and resume reaching out. Just a little closer...

"I did feel sorry for Jeff. When I saw him running down covered in fire and everyone get rid of the flames and hearing his little weak cries of pain. I felt sorry for him. I felt really bad for him and nearly cried. But then I learned of what he did to the boys first. How he took their lives away and I actually remember just staring down at Jeff's burned body not in remorse or sadness or sympathy. But bemused. Smug. Satisfied. Satisfied that last boy did what he did to Jeff in his last moments. Happy they got their revenge. As much as it traumatised me at a young age, at the same time, I'm glad I witnessed it. I'm glad I witnessed Jeff getting his comeuppance."

"Is that so?"

"Of course. The only way it'd have been overall satisfying is if Jeff died there and then. I wouldn't have needed as much therapy as I did. I wouldn't have to have suffered so much loss. My uncle and cousin would be alive to this day, as well as so many innocent people who's lives were taken because of Jeff. Hell, you wouldn't be in this situation right now. You'd have a happy, normal life."

"Normal? Why? Normal is boring. It sucks."

"Yeah but-"

"And it's funny. Because I'm glad this is happening now. I'm glad we got to meet like this. I'm glad Jeff is in the woods right now with you're dad. Jeff will kill him. He will kill him, and then you. But right's MY turn for a bit of revenge!"

I quickly lift my hand and thrust something into Glenda's leg and she screams in pain and shock. I take this opportunity to push her off me and she crumples to the ground, howling in agony, holding her leg. I stare at my work and stare at what's sticking out her leg. A knife. Derek's. The one he dropped when he tried to attack me earlier before Jeff saved me. I quickly yank it out her leg and she cries and whines, tears running down her cheeks. As I hold the knife, a cold, dark part of me contemplates finishing the job and ending her. A voice speaks to me inside. It tells me to do it. It tells me to kill her. Stab her in the chest. Pierce her heart.

Go on. It'll be quick. Just one quick thrust of the knife. And it's over.

I feel myself so close. So close to finishing the job. But then I hear a yell. A man's yell coming from the woods. I don't know if it's Jeff or Derek but I'm not waiting to find out. I have to get in there.

I give Glenda a hard kick to her stomach causing her to curl up on the ground, still crying in pain. That will hopefully keep her down for a while. I don't think she'd have the guts to go into the woods with Jeff there. A part of me knows its crazy to do so as well, especially since I know Jeff isn't the only one in there with a knife. But I have one too. I take a deep breath and rush in, not glancing back at Glenda.

Please don't be too late. Please don't be too late! Jeff, where are you? It's eerily silent. I don't like that. I'd rather there be some kind of noise and show of life. I look around everywhere, calling for Jeff, though not too loudly. I spend my time listening out and looking closely instead. My heart nearly stops when I see a body laying lifeless on the floor and fear the worst, but on closer inspection I see that it's Gary. Of course that doesn't exactly make it any better. My eyes fill up and I have to look away as his lifeless eyes look into mine. I part of me hoped Derek had made up about Gary being dead, perhaps forged the photo of his body, but this proves otherwise. I'm...sorry Gary. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

No, focus Laura. You can't be sorry or remorseful right now. You need to find Jeff.

Amazingly, right there and then I hear another yell. A frustrated yell which I can tell is Derek's and then someone else's gasping and making struggling noises. That must be Jeff. He's in trouble!

I sprint in the direction of the noises. They're not far. I clutch the knife tightly, tripping and stumbling over stones and branches. I actually get whacked in the face by a large branch sticking out of a tree and it cuts my face a little but I ignore the pain. I only have one thing on my mind right now. And within a couple of minutes, though to me feels like a couple of hours, I come across two people. One is on the ground. One has them pinned. I catch my breath and slowly creep closer, knife at the ready and my heart drops at the sight.

It's sadly not what I want. It should be Derek on the ground and Jeff laughing at him, taunting him, toying him. Instead, Jeff is the one on the ground. Derek has him pinned. Derek has a knife. Jeff doesn't. I don't know where Jeff's is. Did Derek kick it from him? I can tell by fresh dirt stains, blood stains and rips on their clothes there was a serious brawl. Jeff has blood on his face and a bruise on his cheek. I cant see Derek's face. He has his back to me as he keeps Jeff pinned, a hand on his throat.

Jeff's going to get killed.

It's obvious. I can't deny it. Derek has got the upper hand. He has Jeff at his mercy. He's going to kill him.

I can't let that happen.

I can't.

I won't!

Do it, Laura. Do it. You know you don't have a choice. Do it. DO IT!

Derek raises the knife.


I lunge at Derek.

He keeps a grip of Jeff's throat.

I aim the knife at Derek's back.

He goes to bring the knife down on Jeff.

Suddenly I thrust my knife into Derek's back. I hear a gasp and a weak cry. The knife drops from his hand and Jeff is able to crawl away from under him. Derek just stays on his knees, gasping. I close my eyes and stab him again. And again. In the back. I can barely believe what I'm doing. I'm not in control of my actions. I feel frantic. I can't stop myself. I know it's wrong but I had to do it. He was going to kill the guy I love.

Eventually I get a hold of myself and back up. Jeff watches the whole show, glancing to and from me and Derek. His wide unblinking eyes and open mouth clearly show he didn't expect this to happen. He doesn't quite know what to make of it. Neither do I really.

But all I know is Derek makes one final cry, falls over, closes his eyes and lets out a long final breath.

My hands shake and I drop the knife. Jeff silently walks a few inches and finds his own knife, picks it up and puts it in his hoodie pocket.

My knees are shaking. My legs are like jelly. I have to hold on to the trunk of a tree to steady myself, otherwise I'd fall. I feel sick. I feel like I'm going to puke any second. I can't believe I....I just...


I just killed Derek.

Jeff's POV

Well here we all are. There's me of course, and Laura, of course. A guy who decided to play some stalking "lure us all into isolation" game, and now some broad who came out of nowhere currently threatening to crush Laura's larynx under her foot. It doesn't get any more interesting that that really. Supposedly this, "Glenda", met me in the past. Supposedly she witnessed my whole beat up, murder and set on fire incident. Supposedly it's screwed the bitch up a whole lot.

She looks fucking crazy so maybe it's all true. To be completely honest I don't have a clue who this girl is. But that won't stop me messing with her head a lot more than I already have regardless.

"Oh of course I do. Glenda! Dear, sweet, little Glenda. How have you been? You haven't changed at all."

"Shut up!"

"You still looks like the small, innocent, vulnerable child you were back then."


"Oh I remember you very well."

Bullshit. But she's crapping herself. It's amusing.

"I'm warning you! Shut it!"

"Hows the therapy going?"

She gives a cry of rage and puts more pressure on to Laura's throat, causing her to choke more. I kind of forgot about Laura being there so I finally relent a little, though I can't help but flash Glenda some of my most devious, horrifying looks which causes her to twitch and shudder in fear, despite her best attempts to ignore them. I chuckle at this and finally her daddy steps in.

"You ruined her life, Jeff!"

"Did I?"

"You're the reason she got therapy in the first place!"

I shrug, revealing the extra knife I have hidden in my pocket in case, you know, incidents like these occur. They all tense a little at seeing it which just amuses me. Instead of slaughtering and slicing them to bits there and then, I just toy with them a bit more, making small walking movements, edging round them. I make it my goal to stick close to Glenda to scare her more, but make sure not to over do it since Laura's at her mercy right now.

Pfft. What? It's not you care or anything right?

I mean I don't want Laura killed.

But that's only because she's not the one's you're targeting this evening.

Why do I feel concerned about Laura though? She needs my help.

She's just another defenceless, pathetic little human being like the rest of them.

There's something different about her though. I don't know what.

It doesn't matter who dies tonight, as long as it isn't you.

It does matter.

I quickly break out the inside argument I have with myself. My inner demon. My inner alter ego. I stop my little stalking like movements and chuckle again.

"Now. Now, now, now, now. You can't blame all of this on me. I didn't choose to get jumped. I didn't choose to be covered in bleach and vodka. I didn't choose to get set on fire."

"You chose to kill they boys though", Glenda cries out, trying to sound threatening but she sounds like a squeaky little mouse instead, squeaking more when I flash her, yet again, another of my intimidating looks.

"You're wrong, my dear. I didn't choose to do that."

"Yes you did! You didn't have to do that."

"Oh but I did. Because what they did to me was not only humiliation and abuse. But they did something nobody else could. They woke me up. They freed me. They broke the chains that kept me bound for so long. They destroyed what little rational thinking I had left in me. Their fate was brought on their selves. Killing them wasn't a choice. It was a desire. A lust. A passion. It was something I had to do."

They all look stunned. Well Glenda and...Derek? do anyway. They both don't know what to say. Laura is still struggling underneath Glenda's foot. Something's got to be done here.

"So how about, since I'm feeling rather generous today, how about you two scurry on home to wherever you live, leave us alone up here, and maybe, just maybe, I'll consider not tracking you both down and slaughtering you at a later date. Now I think that's a fair deal, giving the circumstances, don't you?"

They both look at each other slightly. They almost look like they're considering it. I mean it's pretty obvious the pair want us dead. Well mainly me, but I highly doubt that they'd let Laura live after killing me. It is obvious this whole show didn't go as they had planned. They didn't plan for me to show up. They didn't know I'd be there. They didn't know they were going to be unfortunate enough to encounter me in their plans. And I don't think they had a backup plan in case I were to show up. Bad idea really.

The silence is almost frustrating to the point I become slowly irritable and ready to just slash the pair's throat's there and then while I get the chance, while I completely itch to do so and really should be doing right now. Eventually the Derek guy talks, smirking at me.

"Aww. Look at that. Protecting your girlfriend are we? I must say you two make an adorable pair."

I just shrug. "If anyone is killing Laura, it's going to be me. She's a good person, I'll admit, so her death should be in the hands of a skilled professional and not in the hands of some knock off, amateurs."

Laura stops choking and just stares at me with a half confused, half amused look on her face. She is probably wondering if what I just said was a compliment or not. Coming from me, it sure as hell was.

"Amateurs? At killing? You know, I think it's a skill actually and I believe we are gifted. I managed to end Gary no bother. Glenda will be more than happy to demonstrate her life taking skills on Laura here, if you so wish. Glenda?"

"It would be my pleasure", Glenda smirks at me, applying yet more pressure on Laura's neck.

"Is that what you want, Jeff? Want us to prove what we can do?"

They are riling me up. Well, mainly him. I am trying hard not to let his taunts get to me as much as they are, but I can't help it. I can't deny I am furious. I can't deny I am getting that urge to kill consume me more and more. And I can't deny I am completely losing my touch with reality. The little sanity I have left is draining. My inner demonic self is taking control. I can't stop it.

"Did you not here me?", I say darkly, stepping forward to Derek, clutching my knife tightly. "I said. If anyone in the world was going to end her life, it'd be me and me only."

"So you're saying you would protect her? Are you saying you'd keep her safe? Are you telling me that you would...sacrifice yourself for her?"

His dark eyes flash into my white, permanently wide ones, waiting one some kind of response from me.

I know the answer to his question. I say it to myself, inside my head. But not out loud. I don't say a thing out loud. Instead I finally let the darkness take over. It's time to put an end to this. It's time to put an end to him.

I don't know whether he senses it or is leading me on but Derek suddenly makes a run for the forest behind him, me in hot pursuit despite Laura's frantic, yet choked, shouts telling me to not follow him in case it was a trap. Maybe it is some kind of trap. Who knows what other fucked up family members are lingering around waiting to pounce. But I don't care. I don't care. I don't fucking care. All I care about right taking him down!
The Bloody End Chapter 44

Shit's getting serious now!

Let's just hope Jeff isn't getting led into some sort of trap. And what about Laura? She's currently left in the mercy of Derek's twisted, bitter daughter. Yuna the second! How is she getting out of this one? She's done it before. But can she do it again? And Jeff?

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