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A collection of all my favourite artwork which are all just EPIC! :D

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Quick Thinking

I'm in a dark room. I don't where I am or how I got here. I appear to be alone but I can sense somebody is nearby. I sense someone is coming towards me. Where? Who is it? Is it Jeff? I call out but I get no response. I hold out my arms and try to feel my way through the darkness as I walk but I end up falling. Then out of the darkness a hand grabs mine. A pale hand with rough skin attached to a torn, blood stained, white sleeve. The hand gripping mine feels so familiar. I stand up and smile suddenly feeling warm.

Then the darkness descends and my smile instantly fades and I have a fearful gaze. The feeling of familiarity is gone. I come to face to face with him. Him isn't Jeff. Him isn't someone I love. Him is someone I fear. He smile at me but it's not charming or loving. It's a mocking grin. His eyes look into mine but I don't feel calm when I look into those cold brown eyes. I don't feel light or happy. I feel tense. I feel scared. His eyes are so full of hatred and...evil.

I open my mouth and I cry out his name in shock.


He pulls a knife from his white hoodie pocket. I only realise at that moment Gary is wearing a white tattered, blood stained hoodie and black dress pants. Jeff's clothes. Jeff's knife.


He begins the phrase. Jeff's famous phrase. But it doesn't sound the same in Gary's voice. It sounds...dare I say it..worse.


Scarier. Darker. Horrifying.



The knife plunges into my chest and pierces my already damaged and fractured heart...

I bolt up in my bed sweating and panting. Just when I believe the nightmares have stopped, they come flooding back. I feel more fearful and confused however. A nightmare about Gary, that's just crazy. They're always about Jeff. Jeff killing me or my family or whoever and I guess I got used to them but now...Gary? Why did seeing Gary as a psycho murderer scare me so bad? I'm in love with one. I've been kidnapped, threatened and beaten by one. I'm used to psycho murderers!

I guess it just makes me wonder what Gary really is capable of and what he is hiding. They do say there are two sides to everyone. It's with that I suddenly remember my recent discovery which introduced a new suspect to everything. Andy. It's all just fucked up. It's all just out of control. It's all a mess and I just fear the worse is yet to come...

"Good evening."

Startled, I actually fall off my bed and on to the cold wooden floor, my heart pounding. I know who's there but with everything that's gone on, plus the nightmare I just had, I'm a little more sensitive and jumpy than usual just now. I peer up, my cheeks red from the fall, glancing at Jeff who just looks at me in confusion.

"Uh...pretend you never saw that."

"Well I can't say my eyes were closed, can I? That's just invalid."

"Good point."

I timidly sit back on my bed, legs crossed letting out a sigh.


I look at Jeff. "So...what?"

"What were you dreamin' about this time?"

" know. The usual."

9 out of 10 times when Jeff was here I'd wake up from a nightmare so he knew I'd get them a lot. It's like his presence triggers them. Maybe he's a bad omen. Or a curse. I don't know.

"So what's this? A quick visit before you go of ending lives, torturing souls and ripping families a part?", I say it in a half joking like way, though feel a slight pang of shame for even condoning such a thing for god sake.

"You got it".

I just nod, looking at the floor. Jeff watches me do this. He always keeps a close eye on me whenever he's around, like he's studying me. Like he's trying to work me out, get inside my head.

There's an awkward silence for a moment until to my surprise Jeff departs from the wall he's leaning casually against and walks over to me. I tense a little, feeling nervous in my stomach. We normally keep some kind of odd distance between us when he's here. It's like he's breaking the rules coming close to me like this. He stops just a few inches away from me, towering over me as I sit on my bed, looking up at him, trying hard not to wince. He just stared in a curious manner, abnormally wide, unblinking, white eyes moving up and down as he stares over me. I keep swallowing a lump in my throat, not knowing whether to say anything or look away or move or even breathe. I've always loved Jeff being close but with what he's done recently and how much easier it's taken for Jeff to snap and lash out, it's no wonder I'm wary and extra cautious.

Eventually he looks back at my face and smirks.

"You know, I've been thinking about you today."

I blink, a bit...lost for words. What the heck does that mean?!


"I hate everyone."

I blink again. Well that was random but Jeff usually comes back to some sort of twisted logic in his insane ramblings so I'll shut up and let him carry on.

"I hate...EVERYONE. I hate those pathetic humans out there who take life for granted so much. I hate everyone because everyone is the same. Everyone cheats. Everyone lies. Everyone is pathetic. So I take them out of the world. I'm not all a bad guy. I'm a good guy because I rescue people. I free them. I free them from living in this world. This careless, cold, dark world.."

So..where you going with this Jeff? I think he's gotten too carried away, he'a forgotten.

"I should hate you too. I should despise you. You should be dead. And I should have been the one who caused your death. I should have stabbed you. I should have ripped you a part like all the rest. I should have crushed you like every other pathetic, puny, disgusting human being on this pathetic, puny, disgusting planet. But I haven't have I?"

I just shake my head, not daring to speak. His voice tone is changing to and from dark and light and I feel shivers down my spine when he hisses his words or when he talks so deep and cold.

"I haven't killed you. I could have. I could have so many times, I've had MANY opportunities to do so. I could do it right now. I could gut you, slice your throat, chop you up right this second. You could be dead any minute now. And yet... I haven't killed you. I haven't hurt you purposely. And the funny thing is, while I have the raw ability to do all those things, due to my reputation and my fun loving hobby, you... aren't scared. You're not afraid of me."

He leans forward a little, his hair tickling my face slightly.


I break eye contact for a second but I feel this is a wrong move as Jeff's aura seems to darken a little when I do look away so I quickly fix my gaze on to his eyes again and answer boldly.

"I don't know. I can't explain it."

"Are you afraid of me?"

"I..I used to be. But"

"Despite what I have done."

"I've seen you do it right in front of me. I've aided you once too. I don't like what you do. I hate it. It's gotten me and other people close to me in danger. You have frightened me before. You've scared me. You've hurt me. You've made me angry, sad, spiteful, traumatised, insane even. But...but I don'"

Jeff seems a bit lost for words this time, probably not expecting the response I gave. Normally I don't talk much when Jeff asks me deep questions but I had to. I had to give him the answer he was seeking. Question is, was it the right answer?

I lean forward a little myself, more of Jeff's hair in my face and his breathe hits of my skin.

"Jeff...I don't know what it's're just...."

I can't finish the sentence. I can't speak as I look upon Jeff's face in awe. The eyes. The mouth. The skin. The hair. All of it. I love it all. You can kill me now. I don't care. I only care about one thing right this moment.

Without a second though (for once), I push my lips on to Jeff's and close my eyes, kissing him gently. He tenses a little but soon relaxes. He doesn't...exactly kiss back but he doesn't pull away or attack me either. Maybe he understands. Maybe he knows how I feel. Maybe he feels the same. I can't know that for sure. But it's just a hunch.

My eyes widen as I suddenly feel pressure from Jeff. He's...kissing me back. I could be wrong. I might be wrong. I probably AM wrong. But I THINK Jeff is kissing me back! He surely wouldn't do that unless he cared. He wouldn't do that unless he wanted to do. He wouldn't do that to me unless he...

Unless he...cared.



We suddenly spring a part as we hear footsteps outside my bedroom. Typical a parent spoils the moment but at least we got the kiss before the spoiler! Jeff stands up and is about to go the window but we both gasp in surprise as someone is right outside my door. There's no time for Jeff to escape out the window!

"Jeff!" I hiss as quietly as I can. "Wait! You'll get seen!"

Jeff growls slightly, looking at me impatiently.

Think fast! Think fast! Think fast!

"Okay uh....I have an idea!"

The door opens and mum walks in, hair a mess, eyes half open, a furious expression on her face.

"Laura, what's going on? It's nearly 4 in the morning, what's with the noise?!"

"N-nothing mum. I was...dreaming."

I sit timidly on end of the bed, smiling at her nervously, trying to look as less sheepish as I can while at the same time my heart is hammering faster and louder than ever and I keep my legs together, still enough to shield what's behind them. What's hiding under the bed.

Or should I say.

WHO'S hiding under my bed!
The Bloody End Chapter 35
A wild Jeff is hiding under my bed XD If monsters under the bed were that smexy, why the hell was I afraid of them when I was a kid? XD

Apologies if there are a few spelling errors in this chapter, I was kind of half asleep writing some of it. Not feeling too great tonight, as always XD. Got a bit of a cold and I'm exhausted but I was determined this chapter going up tonight so here we are :D Enjoy!

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The Unknown

Jeff's POV

Regret. Remorse. Sorrow. Guilt.

Four words. These four words have meant nothing to me. Ever. If anyone where to ask me if I ever felt remorse for what I have done in my life, if I were to have a guilty conscience for the people I kill, the lives I take, the families I rip a part, well, they'd be in for a nasty surprise. I don't feel any of those things. I'm nothing but an empty shell and have been that way so damn long. The moment I was attacked by those three bastards at that party years ago. The moment I felt the fire burn my skin, those flames also burned away my innocence. My childhood. My sanity. It destroyed the shackles that held me back and the ropes that kept be bound and unable to be who I really was on the inside.

I became free.

My weaker self was left in the dark and the person I was born to be broke loose and now here I am.

What I do, is not a job. It's not a hobby. It's not even just something I do out of boredom. For me, it's a way of life. It's how I live. I slash. I slaughter. I slice. And out of it I always get bloody satisfaction. As I currently stand over the lifeless corpse below me, I instantly feel this warm, soothing yet tingly sensation creep up inside me. As I impale his body one last time and see the blood ooze out of the wound, I get this rush. I want more. I want to see more. I want to kill. I have to kill.

I NEED to kill.

I need to...put them to sleep.

It's not long before I have another victim submitted to my brutal slaying. I dont know who she was. She was young. Mid 20's? Quite pretty. Such a shame. Such a shame she crossed my path. Such a waste of a young, fresh life.

Oh fucking well.

As I gaze down upon her lifeless face, something about that dark hair and lifeless, yet bright blue eyes sparks something in my head. She reminds me of someone. Well I don't need to be a genius to work out who she reminds me of. It's funny. If the eyes were just a different colour, a slightly different shade, I'd be reminded of that Yuna bitch all of again and I know how much the rage would take over me, just like it always does when I am reminded of HER.

But instead of green, the eyes are blue and there's another girl who I've known a long time who's eyes I've looked into many, many times. Eyes that are generally filled with unknown fear, but also an unreadable emotion and undeniable wonder. Eyes that I can't help but just stare into, her mind and mentality becoming a puzzle I try to solve.

She's...different. She's different from anyone I've ever come across. She's different from them all.

I find myself walking to her house as my mind wanders, cleaning the knife against my hoodie, whistling boldly. Like I care if anyone sees me. Just more bodies to add to my list.

I come across the tall building, knowing exactly where to go and how to get there. It's become so easy, it's like a second nature to me now. Fuck a ladder when the house has a perfectly good, secure drainpipe. The room is dark as I peer inside the window, noticing instantly it's been left open. Especially for me. She knows I'm coming. She always knows.

Is she asleep? Let's find out.

Second to my slaughtering, a skill or talent of mine is how stealthy I am. Hell, to be like me, being silent, stealthy and able to creep around is a MUST. I've done it for so god damn long I am an expert. So many windows I've climbed in. So many houses I've sneaked around. So many places I've stayed hidden. Under beds. Closest. Even dark shadows. It really always depends how observant the victim actually is to spot me.

I hear a soft breathing close by me. She is definitely asleep but from past experience I know she won't be for long. A nightmare will waken her. Or she somehow senses my presence. Every time. But she won't get scared like everyone else. She won't scream. She wont lash out. She won't turn into a snively little coward. No, no. She has never been that way. She proved me wrong when I first met her. She showed me she wasn't like any of those little worthless so-called "human beings" out there. As I said. She is different.

Laura has always been different.

I fix my unblinking eyes on to her, watching and studying her body language as she sleeps. She keeps twitching and her eyebrows are knitted together, almost a scowl on her face. Nightmare for sure. It's amusing to watch really. I cant help but just stare as she twitches, occasionally lashing out slightly. As she moves a round a lock of her dark hair, a similar shade to mine I might add, falls down and covers her face. I frown at this, as it shields the view.

Reaching out I quickly push the lock of hair back over her head, letting it set back in it's place and I just let my hand gently lay there for a minute, resting in her soft hair. What is it with her? What is it about her that does this to me? I have never felt these emotions and feelings with any victim. With any person. I don't know what these feelings are and it makes me so agitated to realise I don't have a clue what I'm feeling. The closer I get to her, the stronger these feelings get. Actually touching her right now, the feeling in my chest is stronger than ever. It's literally starting to hurt. My black heart is beating so fast for some reason. It's like she has this sort of spell or aura that consumes me!

I don't like it!

I quickly remove my hand from hair and I grab my knife out my pocket. I hold it above her chest, the sharp point aimed right above her heart. She makes a sound and I gently shush her.

"Stay asleep...."

A simple blow and its all over. I'd never have to think of her again. I'd never have to experience these strange, unnatural feelings ever again. I could be back to normal, back to being me, let the ghosts rest and never allow them to haunt me ever again.

No regrets.

Not a single one.



I can't.

I can't do it.

I've admitted it. I've admitted it to myself. I've tried hard not to. I've tried hard not to believe it. I've tried hard multiple times to fight it and prove to myself that I'm wrong but each time It's ended unsuccessfully.

I can't.

I can't kill her.

I can't kill Laura.

Why? Who fucking knows? It's like she has some sort of shield protecting her that I can't break through. It's like something grabs me and doesn't allow me to press the knife down into her chest.

Something stops me.

Something I can't explain.

I smirk slightly at Laura as she sleeps. I put my knife back into my hoodie pocket and I crouch down in the dark corner of her bedroom, my usual resting spot. And there I wait. Wait for her to awaken.

Wait to make my presence to her, fully known.
The Bloody End Chapter 34
Well I'm glad I aint dying tonight XD

FYI I still have my long dark hair in this story, not my red pixie cut which I have now XD 

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A New Suspect

I was rather surprised Jeff didn't visit me the same night and "explain" his reasons for killing that man. I wonder what the man did. Look at Jeff funny? Bump into him? Gee, must have been something real bad to get slaughtered so violently. Oh God listen to me. I sound like some bitter, old, nag! I guess with all that's went on, having to witness what Jeff did back there, really wasn't on my agenda. I stayed in my bedroom all day and night after it. In the evening I heard my parents gasp and mumble at the News. I didn't creep down to watch it but I caught the key words. "Body" "Woods" "Impaled". Closely followed by my town's name and then the common phrase associated with a Jeff the Killer murder.

"So far there are no suspects or witnesses."

The Jeff the Killer way.

If there is one positive thing about today, when I switched my phone back on, there were surprisingly no texts from my stalker. He or she is lying dormant for now. I wish they'd fucking stay that way permanently. Who would have thought that someone who I don't even know, who is more or less a petty cyberbully, a troll, a coward behind a device, has frightened me more and messed with my head tons more, than the psycho, murdering guy I am madly in love with? Its strange how things work out.

The atmosphere in work the next day is sour and monotone. Everyone has heard about Leah and my workmates, plus various customers, keep approaching me and asking me how she is. Leah has never worked in our Bingo Hall before but she is very popular amongst everyone and sometimes plays, mainly just to gossip with me. And Catherine when she was still alive...

I don't look at Derek as I make my way behind the bar. I'm late for work again but I really, really do not need an earful from him. Thankfully he has either not noticed or he actually has a heart in there and is letting me slide. Gary doesn't get the same treatment however when he slinks in here even later than me. Normally Gary and Derek are cocky with each other when they argue but Gary just lowers his head and apologises which seems to surprise Derek more than anything. Gary's attitude strikes my anxiety instantly. Why so down in the dumps Gary? Got something to hide? A guilty conscience?

Oh god I really am becoming insane.

There's an awkward pause between Derek and Gary for a moment until Derek clears his throat.

"Alright. Gary, I need you to work in Laura's place for the moment."

Me and Gary both blink in surprise. Work in my place?

"But Derek, I don't know how to work behind the bar. I've never been taught."

"I'll get Iris to teach you. It's not rocket science and its only for 10 minutes or so."


"Just do it. Please."

So Gary goes behind the bar. He brushes past me and I don't dare make eye contact with him but I cant help getting chills down my spine. I shuffle over to Derek and ask him what that was all about.

"I need to speak to you in private."

"Oh. Ok."

"Come up to the office."

I can't help but get a slight pain in the pit of my stomach. I never go up to the office. You're only up there if the Manager wants to talk to you about something serious. But the pain I feel is because the last time I was up here was when Mara was Manager. It frightens me to think about her death. How Yuna killed her and got away with it. Where she hid her body. Was her body ever discovered?


I blink out my thoughts and try and focus on Derek.

"Sorry. Um. You wanted to speak to me?"

"I'll get straight to the point, Laura, no reason delaying it. I know what happened between you and Gary."

"Me and...Gary?"

"When you joined him while he was on his break, note HIS break not yours, I don't know exactly what went on but a passing customer heard Gary yelling at you. Apparently rather abusive words."

I lower my head. What can I do? I can't exactly deny it.

"And then there was a second time at the same Fire Exit. This time two employees here, who's names I'm not giving because I don't want any hassle or fights, claim they heard Gary yelling abusive words at you again?"

I just nod.

"Laura, I'm not going to ask what happened or why he was aggressive towards you. Frankly its none of my business, as well as it's business that shouldn't have taken place in the work area. But I won't tolerate my employees being treated like that."

I look at Derek.

"So what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that the ball is in your court. What do you want to do about Gary? If you wish to make an official report and-"



"I'm not reporting it."


"I don't want anyone losing their job or getting warnings or suspensions. You're right. It was personal related and shouldn't have happened at work. And no one knows the full story. Its just as much as my fault as it is his. So I'd much rather it forgotten about."

In reality having Gary away from me is a god send. But if he is my stalker, and Leah's attacker, I really don't think he'd take too kindly to losing his job because of me. I think Derek is annoyed because I know he doesn't like Gary so much and would love a reason to fire him but I'm not giving him that reason.

"Are you sure? I know he is your friend and all but I want to make sure you are able to work properly with him there."

"It's fine Derek, really."

Derek blinks at me and leans back in his chair.

"Wow. You lot are and odd bunch to manage, I have to admit." He actually smirks a little as he says it. "I think I'll have to admit, I'll miss you all."

"Miss us all?"

"I'm leaving my job as manager here in the next few weeks. Going to manage some Casino on the other end of town."



"So...who'll be our new manager?"

"All in good time. I can't reveal any more just now. Now go on back to work before Gary ends up emptying the tills out to everyone."

I laugh and go back down, to silently slope behind the bar to let Gary leave without a second glance at me, and its then I realise something. Derek cracked a joke. And I actually laughed.

Dear God it is a weird day.


Its only an afternoon shift I work today, so I take a walk home, though I convince my mum I'm on the bus. Its a surprising sunny day and I feel content despite everything that's went on. Leah has her surgery on her face today so I won't get to visit her again until tomorrow. I hope everything is okay. I love her, but I'm trying not to think about her just now. Or Gary. Or the stalker, or even Jeff. I just want to close my eyes and try to remember what my life was like before all this shit went down. When things were more normal. Boring. Less scary. But at the same time. Less exciting, I guess. Less insane.


I open my eyes and realise I've walked right into someone. That's nothing new for me.

"Oh sorry-"

I look up at the person and feel immediate Déjà Vu

"Oh. Andy!"


I haven't seen Andy since that time I went crazy and fainted on him. He must have been so creeped out by it. No wonder he seems a little freaked to be standing with me now.

"Don't worry I won't faint again. I'm fine."


"Totally sane now."


"Pfft. What's up with you? Come on, you are usually cracking jokes and mocking me for being the sour puss. Now the tables have turned. What's up?"

"I just can' to you right now."

"Hm? Why?"


"Look, just because me and Gary aren't speaking, doesn't mean we can't talk to each other. I'm still your friend, aren't I? We're still pals!"

"Just...How could you do that to him, Laura?"

Andy sound stern and serious, something I've never heard him sound like before. I didn't think it was possible.


"How could you DO that?"

"It was blown totally out of proportion, Andy. I tried to explain that to him!"

"I can't help it! He's my best friend! He really liked you just...You know, you really FUCKED him over!"

I feel my heart sink. I step back in shock. Did he just say what I think he said? I dare open my mouth to say more but he keeps going.

"The way you played him like that. The way you messed with his head!"


"You're just...evil! You're evil!"

My stomach does a backflip again.

"I had a feeling you were pretty twisted. Now I know the truth."

My mouth opens in horror and I fight the tears back. It's not because I'm hurt at what Andy is saying to me. Oh no. It's because of the phrases themselves. They aren't bringing me pain, they are bringing me fear. When I see Andy's mouth open again, internally I attempt to mimic his next words.

"You'll be the one that regrets it messing him about like that"

I mimic correctly.

He storms away, leaving me having to hold on to the wall for support to stop myself from falling over. Those words. Those unmistakable, cold, threatening and familiar words.

Hands shaking I take out my phone and browse my texts from the stalker, going up to see earlier messages. It takes a few minutes but then there they are.

"Wow. You really fucked him over didn't you?"

"I knew you were a bit crazy but you're pretty twisted too!"

"You're both EVIL."

"You will regret messing him about like that"

There they are, right there. All those messages from the stalker. They match up nearly perfect to every insult Andy just threw at me back there. Especially that last chilling statement.

You will be the one that regrets messing him about like that.
"You will regret messing him about like that."

That just...can't be coincidental, can it? I can't be wrong now can I?



Andy stalker?!
The Bloody End Chapter 33
Andy? Andy is behind it all?! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN!!! :O

Sorry for the late chapter, I've been practically bed ridden the past few days with a horrible virus but I seem okay now :) Yay!

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Id usually have a new chapter of my story posted by now but I'm a bit behind on progress because I've been effected by this horrible virus going around :( It started Friday night at work and although I'm a bit better now, Im still not 100% :( Hopefully I'll be fully recovered by tomorrow but it is a bad virus. My entire house has it! 

Hopefully a new chapter will be up tomorrow or Tuesday. Fingers crossed :)
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Walk Away

I don't sleep, though no sleep is something I've grown accustom to now to the point I've almost forgotten what it's actually like to have a good night's sleep. I don't text the stalker back again. I switch my phone off all together and actually take the battery out of it as if it would some how protect me. I rack my brains trying to think. Trying to work out who would do this to me. To Leah.

A part of me still believes it to be Gary, but the part is smaller now. Gary is like a total pacifist. Well physically anyway. I've heard him run his mouth to people before, hell, we all know I was on the receiving end of it, but he's not really a physical fighter. He tries hard to stay clear of fights and only attacks in self defence. Someone like Gary couldn't possibly stoop this low and beat up a defenceless girl.

Could he?

Oh I don't even know what to believe or who to trust any more. It's all just fucked up. I can't even go to the Police because its clear what will happen if I do. Next time it could be fatal. Next time it could be a family member. My mum. My dad. My sister. Next time it could be Jeff. Next time it could be me, with a one way ticket straight to the morgue. When I first started getting these stupid texts, they never severely frightened me. They worried me of course and did scare me a bit, but really I thought it was just some asshole messing with me. But now. Now I'm terrified. I'm terrified what he or she is going to do next. I don't even know what their goal is here. Any time I try and ask what he or she wants I just get silly riddle-like replies that make no sense. Even if they want me dead for whatever reason, a tiny piece of me is actually wishing they'd just get it over with and kill me already so all this will stop. I've had enough.


I must, by some miracle, eventually fall asleep at some point because I open my eyes to mum waking me up telling me to get ready if I want to go with dad to see Leah in the hospital. My whereabouts of last night is never brought up again. They have either forgotten or they are being kind about it and just letting it slide since they know I'm home safe. Well that's a very minor weight off my mind.

I'm understandably quiet all morning in the house, in the car and when we enter the hospital. I cant even bring myself to tell the nurse who I'm here to visit so dad has to tell them for me. We're lead to a ward on the second floor.

"I'll leave you there then. I have to go for work. Make sure you get the bus straight home so mum doesn't worry."

"Thanks, Dad. I'll probably not be long. It's best to let Leah rest."

I take a deep breath before opening the door and walking in. It's just like before when I was going to see Catherine only this time there are more victims in beds in worse conditions. Some are bruised so bad there's hardly any traces of their natural skin colour on their body to be seen. One person has their whole face bandaged up. But the moment I see Leah, my heart falls to the floor and I have to furiously fight to hold back the tears because I know crying will make Leah cry too and I have to be strong for her sake.

Oh God, Leah. I barely even recognise her straight away. Both eyes are rimmed black. Her cheeks are swollen and bruised. She has multiple cuts and stitches across her forehead as well as bandages wrapped round her head which are lightly blood stained. And when she smiles at me weakly, I notice she has 2 teeth missing. She realises this and closes her mouth quickly, mouth instantly closing and her blue, painful eyes brimming with tears.

"I look a mess."

"Oh, Leah." I want to give her a hug but I'm too scared I hurt her so I just gently rest my hand on her shoulder but even then she winces a bit.

"Sorry! Sorry, I didn't think", I say quickly, removing my hand.

"It hurts. Everything hurts."

"Leah, what happened? Do you know who did this?"

"No. I can barely remember anything at all. I...I was walking home. I felt something hit my head and the next thing I remember, I was in here."

"You didn't see the attacker?"

"Not that I remember."

"Do you know at the very least if it was a boy or girl?"

"Give it a rest, Laura, I've had this from the police already. I told you, I don't know."

I'm not hurt by her sharp remark. I don't blame her for it at all really. I look at her poor face. Mum mentioned before I came here this morning that she was getting surgery done to her face. I didn't think the beating she got was that bad until now.

"On the plus side", Leah smiles at me. "The bastard didn't break my nose. Lucky me."

It wasn't really funny but we both laughed anyway. I admire Leah's spirit to still keep her positive go-lucky attitude despite what happened to her. I go along with it to please her.

"Well you better hurry up and get better. Who else am I supposed to call and bitch to every night?"

"I'll try my best, believe me. Maybe when I can fully open my eyes I can get my mum to sneak me my phone and I'll text you. Keep you updated on the patients in this word and the male doctors."

"Any cute ones, you let me know instantly."

"I hope not. With my face like this?"

"Well even beaten to a pulp, you still look miles prettier than me, so stop complaining."

We have a laugh to the point, it's almost like a regular catch up. We laugh a little too loudly we're told to quiet down by various nurses until one of them informs me visiting time is over. I give Leah a kiss and tell her I'll see her soon and leave.

I know I promised dad I'd get the bus home and I know it is the safest bet out there, especially in these circumstances but I walk instead. Walking helps me to relax and clear my head a lot more and I felt too sick to sit on a bus. It's a long walk, a good 30 minutes but I don't care. I could use the fresh air.

I still don't have my phone on yet. I left it at home with the battery still out of it so at least I can't get distracted by any creepy text messages. I probably have loads waiting for me when I get home but well that's then. Right now I want to try and forget all of that. I want to try and just relax and breathe before I think about what I plan to do next.

The walk is actually quite peaceful and content, right until I reach the famous bridge. I cringe and shudder at the thought of the last time I was walking on it, when I was staggering drunk, nearly lost my phone and passed out in Jeff's arms. I really was at the mercy of a psycho serial killer and here I am, still standing, still alive to tell the tale. Jeff doesn't want to kill me. I mean I realised that a while ago, but it's just nice to be reminded that I am safe with him. Despite the two times where he nearly has went for me, he never went through with them. He's never hurt me. Something stopped him both times.

Something inside of him.

I think about Jeff so much I don't even realise I'm not walking any more. I've stopped, holding on to the bridge railings and staring into the woods. When I come to, I realise that someone is actually in there. I can't see them but I hear them. Footsteps. Running.

They're coming towards me, starting of distant of course, but coming closer and closer. I don't tense up or feel nervous as its likely just a couple of kids but the more I listen, I realise that that's not all I'm hearing. I can hear loud breaths, gasping, scared panting. As if someone had spotted something terrible. As if someone where in trouble. As if someone where getting...chased.

All of a sudden some guy in his mid forties looms out behind some trees and trips over a branch. He's panting so loud and so fast, he sounds like he's about to have a heart attack. He has sweat staining his shirt and dripping down his had as if he has been running for miles. Maybe he has been. Can he get up? I sort of back up a little and he doesn't spot me until I stand on a twig that snaps and he immediately looks up in surprise. He still doesn't get up. Instead he holds his hand out to me which to my horror I realise is covered in blood.

"Help me, please! Call the police! HELP-"

Suddenly his eyes widen and there's this disgusting gurgling sound in his throat. I don't even realise it until blood gushes down his neck that he's been impaled through the neck. Eyes wide, blood rushing out his mouth, he still tries to call to me, but its impossible as the sharp object through his throat is roughly pulled out and impaled through it once again, this time lower down. The poor man can't speak or make any sound at all now, and within a matter of minutes, he goes limp and his head droops, lifeless eyes facing the ground.

I feel like I've gone into shock. I'm expecting to wake up and find this is all a dream or blink a few times and realise I've become lost in some stupid sick fantasy of mines but not this time. This is real. This is really happening. Of course I should run, but then I see the person who did this. The white hoodie eases my worries of being attacked next, but not the sick feeling in my stomach.

"Good afternoon", he nods at me, grinning wildly.

I give a very slight timid nod back and without a care in the world he slumps the lifeless corpse over his shoulder and strolls away, actually whistling. Not giving a shit about the fresh blood stains on his grubby hoodie. Not giving a shit that anyone could have saw what happened. Not giving a shit about who this man was.

Just like that.

A little mouse like squeak escapes my mouth. I don't know whether I'm going to be sick. Faint. Cry. Have an anxiety attack or what. My body doesn't seem to know either. My brain is still trying to process what the Hell just happened.

Just walk away, Laura. Just go home. It's safe there.

I let out a shaky breath and walk home, at a far quicker pace than before.
The Bloody End Chapter 32
Fun Fact: The bridge and woods I talk about in these stories are based of a real bridge I walk on some nights and nowadays whenever I'm alone on it and night and hear a noise, I start to get very paranoid XD

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