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A collection of all my favourite artwork which are all just EPIC! :D

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Call me "Laul" :)
United Kingdom
Name: Laura
But call me: Laul or Lala :3 (My 2 known nicknames xD )
Age: 19
Birthday: 9th September
Star Sign: Virgo
Birthstone: Sapphire
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, mid length and full fringe
Pierced: Earlobes, bottom lip, tongue
Nationality: Scottish

Sonic the Hedgehog and Creepypasta fan to the MAX!

10 Facts About Me

1. I've loved Sonic ever since I was 7
2. I'm Pansexual
3. If I didn't have video games, music and art then I think I'd lose the will to live!
4. I'm very tomboy and slightly gothic too
5. My biggest hates are Sushi, Wasps and My Little Pony
6. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
7. I'm a huge fan of horror films - The Conjuring is the scariest film I've seen so far, with Insidious being 2nd xD
8. I'm a huge believer in ghosts, spirits and demons. I'd love to be a paranormal investigator or ghost hunter
9. I've been writing songs ever since I was 14
10. I'll NEVER grow up ;)
I was supposed to finish and post the next chapter to "The Bloody End" a couple of days ago but I've not had the energy..well to do anything really ^^; because I've been ill the past few days :(

I'm recovering what from either an extremely bad cold or the flu but seriously the last few days, I've basically just been going straight to my bed after work. Even this morning I woke up with a scarily sky-high temperature! O_o and a bad headache which sucked! But, after some medication and a nap I seem to be feeling a lot better. All I have now is a persistent bad cough so I'm practically ODing on cough medicine at the minute. But hopefully I'll be a lot better after work tonight and I'll get the next chapter written and posted very soon :D
  • Mood: Shitty
  • Listening to: WWE theme music
  • Reading: "Secrets" by Jacqueline Wilson
  • Watching: N/n
  • Playing: Played GTA5 earlier
  • Eating: BN biscuits
  • Drinking: Water

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Thanks for the fave!
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You're welcome :)
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You didn't get the jacksepticeye reference, did you? -3-
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I do XD But you cant throw bombs at me!! I have food!!! O_O
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theshaver Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
you are beautiful
littleangellaura1 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
Aww thank you :D O///O
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I swear, I've been watching waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Markiplier... .-.
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