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A collection of all my favourite artwork which are all just EPIC! :D

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I stare at him. I stare at what's in his hand. A mobile phone. (A/N Cell phone, for you American readers XD)

Oh my God. It has been Gary the whole time. I was right all along, I knew I wasn't going crazy! But why?! And more importantly...was I right about Andy too? Is he lurking around somewhere ready to grab me?! I stare around cautiously then back up when Gary takes a step forward to me. He looks confused for a moment. Then annoyed.Actually, furious.

"It's been you the whole time?!"

"Wait. What?"

I stare into Gary's eyes. He looks just as confused as I am. He glances at the phone then looks back at me, eyebrows knitted, teeth gritted slightly.

"It...was you", he stutters. "Look Laura, I know what I said was blown out of proportion and I shouldn't have acted as I did, but there was no need to pull a stunt like this!"

"A stunt like...what?"

"Okay I understand you might be upset and angry, and I understand I did say things, but this has gone too far!"

"Gary! I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"Yes you do. All these creepy messages!"


"From a blocked number saying all these things about "watching myself" and insulting me no end and even knowing where I was and what I was doing like some kind of stalker. Its bizarre, weird and just...creepy, Laura!"

I don't say a word. I can't say anything. Instead I silently take my phone out of my pocket, open the texts from the Stalker and hand the phone to Gary. He gazes at it. I see his eyes dart across the screen as he reads everything, his face slowly turning pale. I just watch, feeling my stomach churn but at the same time I put together the pieces of the puzzle. All those times at work I saw Gary stare at his phone then stare at me, giving me cold glares but at the same time looking confused and startled. Every time he stared at his phone his jaw would clench and his hands would shake. The whole time I thought it was rage as he sent me threatening, freaky texts under a false number.

The total opposite.

He's been receiving the same messages all this time.

And he thought I was behind it all.

Well until now. I see him swallowing, sweat trickling down the side of his head, his face the colour of snow by the time he's read the final text message. I gently take the phone off him. He just stared at where it was in his hands. I can almost see the cogs in his head spinning as he recalls and recollects everything.

"It's been going on for weeks. No actually. Months", I say, lowering my head. "I thought it was you all this time. I thought it was you and Andy."

"Andy? What's he got to do with it?"

"He shouted at me for what happened between us and he said the same stuff as the messages said. I were both wanting revenge. For what I...did to you."

Gary stares at me then sighs.

"I'm...sorry, Laura. You didn't do anything. I did. I mistook everything. You were just been a nice friend to me and I should have accepted that. I didn't mean to call you those things. I was just angry. I hate..rejection. It's all I know."

"It's okay, Gary. I understand."

"Thank you."

"It's fine. Really."

"So...what now?"

"Get the Hell out of here?"

"Sounds like a plan!"

We smile at each other and turn round to make our way down the hill when we hear a familiar sound.

Beep beep.

We stop and look at each other. With everything just gone on, I almost forgot that even though the stalker isn't Gary...that only rules out one person out of my list of possibilities.

I take out my phone, holding my breath but I'm confused, and slightly relieved, to realise I don't have any text messages on my phone. It wasn't my phone that made a noise...

Gary takes his phone out of his pocket and I see his eyes darken and his fist clench tightly round the phone, shaking with adrenaline. I don't bother try speaking to him because I know he probably won't listen to me. Instead I crane my neck to get a look at his screen...and suddenly I'm shaking too. But mine isn't due to adrenaline. Mine is due to fear. On Gary's phone isn't a text message. It's a picture. A picture of us. A picture of us right now, where we're standing. And its taken from just inches away into the woods.

I instantly back up, gripping a bench with my hands. Gary on the other hand isn't so fearful. He's just angry. I try and grab his arm but he shakes me off.

"Gary! Don't let it get to you-"


Gary suddenly sprints into the woods to find this stalker of ours. I shout his name frantically, trying to get him back. It's no use. He disappears into the darkness. I hear him shouting and swearing endlessly and I desperately call his name again. He's being an idiot! This is exactly what the stalkers wants Gary to do! This is going as they have planned!

Suddenly I realise everything has gone eerily silent.

I try and subdue my gasps of fear and racing hearbeat to listen out for anything. I can't hear Gary. I can't hear any footsteps. I can't hear anything at all bar my own blood drumming in my ears.

"G-gary?", I call out in a little mouse squeak, then resort to a hushed tone. "Gary...are you there?"

I shakily take a step forward towards the opening leading to the woods, still gripping the back of the bench so tight, my knuckles have turned white. I know now I definitely should be heading towards a different opening to the woods and making a run for it but I can't just abandon Gary. I know with his good will and protective nature, if something was going wrong he'd practically ORDER me to run but I can't do it. I can't leave Gary alone up here.

"Gary? Can you hear me?"

I take another step forward, desperately trying to slow my breathing before I have a heart attack. I'm starting to miss Gary's swearing and shouts of fury. It's too quiet now. Its too quiet it's just scary. I don't like it.

Beep beep.

The sound of my phone breaks the silence. This time it's definitely mine. I really don't want to even pick up my phone but I know I'm going to have to. The last thing I want to do is piss off this potentially dangerous stalker, who's somewhere up here with me, 222 metres above ground. I guess jumping is not an option. I take my phone out and look at the screen.

It's a message alright. From...Gary?

I blink in surprise. Maybe he's messaging me telling me its safe. Maybe he's mesaging me to warn me the stalker is on the way. Maybe he's telling me where I should hide or run to. I better not waste time, especially if its any of the last two messages. I glance once more time into the woods, then open the message.

It's not a text.

It's a multimedia message.

A photo.

I look at it. My eyes widen with horror. My stomach churns. I drop the phone. It smashed a part on the floor but I don't care about that at all. That's the least of my worries. I collapse on the floor beside it and let out a scream, my hands covering my mouth. No. No, no no no no no! Gary! Not Gary! No!

Oh God, Gary, no! NO!


I sob quietly punching my smashed phone, then punching the ground over and over. I feel rage consuming me, each punch becoming harder, so hard my knuckles begin to bleed. I don't care if they're shattered into pieces. I can't think straight. I don't care. I'm passed caring about any of this now. This is it. This has to end. It HAS to end NOW!

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!", I scream into the quiet, dark woods. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!"

I stand up, fists clenched, not caring if the the whole town can hear me scream. The whole goddamn world can hear me for all I care.


Right on cue, a figure makes it's appearance behind a large tree close by. It's someone in a hoodie but not a white hoodie. A dark smokey grey hoodie, hood up, covering their face as well as the darkness. Each footstep is loud due to heavy boots and I see familiar red stains on the hoodie. I only become more enraged as I know that it is likely Gary's blood. I feel sick but forcefully keep it down. I try and shake the horrific image of Gary I received from my mind but I know it'll be permanently scarred into me forever. And the one responsible is standing right in front of me.

"Who ARE you?!"

A grim silence.


I know they are just doing it to further taunt me and I know I shouldn't let it get to me but I can't help it. The more they ignore me, the more angry I become, and the more angry I become, the more I feel like I'm losing control.


They take another step forward but that's all, keeping their head down, the dark, large hood shielding their identity. I desperately want to rip it off and look them in eye but I notice something in the large pocket in the hoodie and I realise how risky it'd be. Especially seeing what they did to poor Gary. I'd be next. I calm down a little, lowering my voice, but I still sound shaky.

"You've been stalking me for so long. You've been sending me scary messages, threatening me. You've been doing the same to my friend. You physically attacked one of my other friends, leaving her in hospital and now with a fear of going outdoors. And you just took the life of someone I cared about. You terrorised him too with your creepy messages and now you killed him. Why?! Who ARE you?!"

"Haven't you already guessed?"

I stop. It's a male voice, a deep, dark voice. Not Jeff's anyway. Or Andy's. But I recognise the voice. It's one I hear often, definitely.

"If I had guessed, I wouldn't be asking you, would I?", I retort back, mainly to get them to talk more so I can try and work out who's voice it is.

"I've been here. You see me nearly everyday. You talk to me."

It's like some kind of riddle here. I see him nearly everyday. I talk to him. Who?! What male do I talk to and see often?

Jeff of course, but this isn't Jeff. It's not his voice, his presence or his stature.

Of course I would see Gary all the time, but well I know it's not him now...

Andy? I've talked to Andy. But this isn't Andy. I barely see Andy. Besides he wouldn't do this. Not to Gary, his best friend. God, he'll be heartbroken when he finds out about Gary but really this isn't the time to think about that.

I shake my head, trying hard to think. Then I remember the name that was whispered to me the other night on the phone.

"...Dom? that you?"


I'm right aren't I? It is Dom. It must be! He is alive! But I don't get it. I don't see him nearly everyday or talk to him. I believed he was dead all this time, how COULD I talk to him?! But regardless, this must be Dom. He's the only other possibility.


Or not.

"But you're not far from the mark there."

What the Hell does that mean? Not far from the mark? I'm getting sick of all these little riddles. I'm sick of that smug, deep voice. I'm sick of the sarcastic, stern way he's talking to me, like I'm some sort of stupid little kid. Like he's more superior than me. Like he's in control of me. Like he's the boss of me or something. God, he almost sounds just like-

Oh my God.

I know who he is.

My eyes fix upon the dark grey hood. I tremble with fear. My eyes fill up. This whole time. This whole time. This whole FUCKING time!

The boss of me, I said.

And guess what?

I'm right.

He knows I know.

"Ah. The penny's dropped has it?" He lifts his head and puts his hood down. I look at those cold eyes, that harsh smirk.

It's all too familiar.

For one simple reason.

"Hello, Laura", he smiles.

I swallow hard, my voice catching at the back of my throat, so all I can do is whisper his name.

DeviantART seems to be working for me now. Thank God :D No idea what went wrong but hopefully its all fixed now!
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need computer/Deviant ART help!

I'm posting this from my phone. My laptop is letting me on the DeviantART website but when I try log in it comes up stuff about certificate authentication fail and that the website is harmful and stuff?! I haven't touched my Antivirus software to change anything so I can't understand what's going on?!

I'm getting logged into other websites its just DeviantArt that's not letting me. Is DeviantArt having some issues or is it my laptop that's the problem?!

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Out of the Woods

Jeff's POV

I feel the blood of my victim splatter on my face and drip down it, right down my neck and even on to my chest underneath my already blood stained hoodie. Little splatters of blood land on my lips and I lick them, savouring the taste, making me smile wider. The taste of satisfaction.

I casually glance down at my victim, laying sprawled out on his back in a puddle of red. He's still alive but barely, eyes partly open and gasping for air like a fish out of water. His torso is dotted with pools of red, each showing where the knife entered him, tearing through his flesh and piercing his insides. There's maybe 8 stab wound? 9?

The poor bastard would never make it to morning if I walked away. He'd be dead in a matter of hours. A matter of minutes. Probably a matter of seconds. He can't move. Scarcely breathe. And he's slipping in and out of consciousness by the second. I could just leave him to suffer before being welcomed into death's cold embrace. But hey. I've learned from past experience that if you're going to do a job...

Do it right.

I crouch down beside the guy, grinning at each of his pathetic attempts to draw breath or speak. If I had feelings I'd feel sorry for him. Instead I lift up my knife, already dripping with blood, hold it above his heart, lean down to his ear and whisper;

"Shhh....Just go to sleep."

And with one quick thrust, a weak cry of pain and a light thud, it's all over. I pull the knife from his heart, whistling as I wipe its contents on my hoodie, before placing the knife in my pocket and standing up, smirking at my work. I'd usually hide the body somewhere, make it look like a suicide, mugging, whatever, but I'd like to leave this one here as a warning to all those fools who think they can ever mess with me. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the creep that seems to be familiar of me. The creep sending Laura bizzare messages saying such kind things about me and even, to add to the humour, trying to get Laura to kill me herself. Its so funny its just pathetic. When I find out who is behind all of this, and I WILL find out, I'm going to enjoy every last second of what I'll do to them!

Just as I get into a pleasantly sick fantasy about my ambitions, I hear footsteps approaching and duck behind a nearby car, hood up, reaching for my knife. I don't try and hide the body. If someone comes this way to inspect it, it just allows me to stick a knife in them. Works for me. I keep my head down low, hearing rushed footsteps and quick breathing. I wait until it passes before gingerly peeking my head out to take a look and I almost burst out laughing at the irony of it all. Why it's little Laura herself, only she looks paler than normal, and nervous. I wonder what all the drama is this time? There always seems to be something with her. I could just shout and force her to tell me everything right here right now but, where's the fun in that? If there's anything I'm talented at rather than cold blooded murder and slaughtering, it's sneaking and following. Keeping quiet, my head down, dodging and creeping, I follow behind Laura to see where she's going and what she's up to.


Was that...? Did I see...? I thought I saw...?

Ah forget it, Laura, that wasn't Jeff. You WISH it was Jeff. You really need him at a time right now! Oh God, I do. I do, I do, I do! I need a bodyguard with me! What the HELL have I let myself in for?! The Stalker, the one sending me creepy texts, the one blackmailing me, the one who beat up my best friend, the one who has scared me half to death, has arranged to meet me. He/she is actually wanting me to meet them! After all this time! Right now. In a secluded place, naturally. I expected there to be more abandoned buildings involved like the last confrontation I was in, but this time we're on top of a hill. It's the highest hill in my town, a landmark and visiting place for tourists. Not many people actually go up it though, especially at night. Its too much of a climb for a start and beside, the hill has got a nickname. Suicide Spot. I could tell you many dark tales of souls jumping off, ending it all.

Maybe it is a perfect place for us to meet. At this rate I DO feel like ending it all. I'm so terrified. I keep trying to talk myself out of this, reason with myself. Trying to get myself to do what I should have done long ago. Run home. No. Run to the police station. Show/tell them everything. Jeff's name is mentioned in the texts but nothing really about him murdering. It's all subtle, I could get away with it. But then the doubts come in. If he/she finds out I've gone to the police, I expect there is Hell to pay for me. And for Jeff. My legs are currently jelly. I keep thinking I'm hearing and seeing someone behind me following me from time to time but I know it's just my imagination because of how scared I am, even more so when I turn a corner and find I'm at the bottom of the hill. A 5 minute or so climb and I'll be there. The top. Where he/she is waiting for me.

They're probably watching as I climb up, that's the scary thing. They can probably see every move I'm making right now. There are so many trees, the whole hill is really a giant forest. Anyone could be lurking. Anyone could be hiding. Watching. Waiting. My heart nearly jumps up and out my mouth when I see someone in a dark hoodie heading my way, but relax when It's just some guy with his dog, hurrying home, barely taking a second glance at me. I climb on, sweat dripping down my back, panting with exhaustion and fear. I keep pretending I can hear someone else climb behind me, nearby me, with me, like I'm not alone, but again I know I'm kidding myself. The only person that's awaiting my presence is supposedly at the top of the hill.

And after a few more minutes of tiring climbing, so am I.

I gingerly step out, looking around, edging closer and closer to the middle where 4 wooden benches are. I've not been up here often. It is a great view from up here. You can see pretty much the whole of my town and even the town next door to it. It really is a great tourist attraction, but right now I'm not here to admire the view. In fact with a possible psycho maniac stalker hiding somewhere, standing too close to the edge is not ideal right now. I stay far from the edge as possible, standing close to the benches in the centre. I just stare into the large forest of trees, sussing out ways I can make a dash for and escape if needed.

Every second feels like an hour. Where the HELL is this guy/girl. Not that I'm in any mad rush to meet them, but the suspense is killing me right now. Do they know I'm here? I take out my phone, debating whether to text them or not. I know I'm being stupid. Clearly they're not around. I can't here anybody. I'm completely alone up here. I really, really, REALLY should just leave, make a run for it, hide under my bed, become a hermit, never leave the house again. Anything but be here anyway, away from civilisation, completely vulnerable. Does Jeff ever come up here? I doubt it. If only he was here. I need him right now. I need anyone to just be here with me.

No. No I have to be here. I have to do this. I need to see who has been doing this to me. I have to know the truth once and for all. Shakily tapping the screen on the phone, I send a message to the stalker's infamous phone number.

"I'm here."

I regret doing it the moment the text sends. I regret it even more when I hear the unmistakable sound of approaching footsteps coming from the trees. Someone is heading my way and suddenly I wish I DID run for it when I had the chance. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK. And I don't even have a weapon or anything.

Shit. Shit. Okay, Laura, calm down. Deep breaths. Be strong. You've been wanting to confront this creep for a long time and you're finally getting your chance. And if all fails, apologising and crying works too.

I grip the bench tight out of fear I'll collapse otherwise because my legs are shaking so bad. My whole body is. My heart is racing. I feel like throwing up.

The footsteps are closer and closer until I make out a figure approaching, making its away from behind the trees.

I close my eyes for a second, composing myself and then open them to see someone standing in front of me. My eyes widen in shock. My jaw drops open. I grip the bench tighter. I shake my head thinking I'm seeing things but I'm not. They're real. Standing right there.

I...I don't believe it. I can't believe who I'm seeing!

Perth Scotland - 'The Lade' by littleangellaura1
Perth Scotland - 'The Lade'
This photo is taken from my Instagram. I was experimenting with camera shots and photo edits etc and I'm quite pleased with how this came out :) A photo from a little stream that runs through my town, known as "The Lade", located in Perth, Scotland.

Instagram -…


littleangellaura1's Profile Picture
Call me "Laul" :)
United Kingdom
Name: Laura
But call me: Laul or Lala :3 (My 2 known nicknames xD )
Age: 20
Birthday: 9th September
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Nationality: Scottish

Sonic the Hedgehog and Creepypasta fan to the MAX!

10 Facts About Me

1. I've loved Sonic ever since I was 7
2. I'm Pansexual
3. If I didn't have video games, music and art then I think I'd lose the will to live!
4. I'm very tomboy and slightly gothic too
5. My biggest hates are Sushi, Wasps and My Little Pony
6. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
7. I'm a huge fan of horror films - The Conjuring is the scariest film I've seen so far, with Insidious being 2nd xD
8. I'm a huge believer in ghosts, spirits and demons. I'd love to be a paranormal investigator or ghost hunter
9. I've been writing songs ever since I was 14
10. I'll NEVER grow up ;)
DeviantART seems to be working for me now. Thank God :D No idea what went wrong but hopefully its all fixed now!
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