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A collection of all my favourite artwork which are all just EPIC! :D

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As the light leaves her eyes and blood drips out her still gaping open mouth and down her chin, I watch silently, pleased with myself. I glance at the two bodies, admiring my work. And I've barely been here an hour.

What to do with the bodies...Hang them from a tree? Dismember them more? Nail them to the roof of the cabin, that is soon to be mine? So many choices. The amount of fun one can have with a corpse is endless. But I'll have to put that on hold for now. There's still 2 more people to kill. I thought by now they'd have come looking for their friends but the sound of crazed, drunk laughter by the camp fire proves other wise. They don't give a shit.

I leave the two bodies for now and make my way over to where the camp fire is located, maintaining a low, stealthy profile. Well, let's be honest, both teens are intoxicated and probably on a high from some drug use, I could easily walk past and they'd likely not even notice. Regardless, I keep myself hidden behind a tree, peering out from the darkness of the woods towards the camp fire. They both have their backs turned, huddled together on the ground, giggling and pushing each other. Pathetic.

"Seriously, where the hell are Kelly and Barry?"

"Ah, who cares? More booze for us."

"Do you think we should go find them?"

"Nah. They're probably, you know, getting it on..."

"Shaun, that's sick!"

"Well while they're 'busy', it means we get some time to ourselves..."

And all of a sudden, these two teens are the one's "getting it on". Urgh. Sick. Sick to watch. And in the outdoors. These people have no shame. No dignity. Sick. Pathetic. Disgusting human beings.

He rolls on top of her, kissing her passionately. Both have their eyes closed. Both are so wrapped up in each other, literally, that they have just made this a whole lot easier for me. They don't see or even hear me creep towards them, despite the fact I'm not even trying to be quiet and twigs are snapping and I'm actually chucking out loud. They can't hear a thing. They're so oblivious, it's almost adorable.

I'm standing right behind them now. His back is to me and her eyes are closed. It's all just too perfect. It's so's almost like a dream.

I slowly and carefully take out my knife and just hold it in my hands, pressing the tip against my fingers and just let it rest there.

They both moan and let out muffled laughs, gripping each other tighter. I wait. I stand and wait. I'm getting impatient but I know it'll be worth it. It'll all be worth it. It'll be amazing.

They finally pull a part slightly for air. He still hasn't noticed me or the knife. He's way too gone for that now. He probably can't even see his beloved properly. She opens her eyes too.

And she can see me.

When her eyes lock on to mine, I see them widen. I see her face go pale. I see the look of shock. I think at first she's just stunned that some random guy has witnessed their little make out session but then her eyes move and she sees the knife and that's when she looks terrified. She becomes more pale and her eyes are like saucers. Her mouth opens and she let's out some kind of raspy noise, obviously trying to speak but can't.

Her boyfriend is still oblivious to this, until I up the ante by smiling wide at her and putting a finger to my lips. That's when her huge blue eyes fill and tears begin to fall making me grin wider. The boyfriend finally notices something's up.


"Sh-sh-sh-Shau-n-n....", she stutters. "Th-there-"

And before she tells him any more, I shove the knife right into his back, causing him to let out a loud grunt of pain and surprise. She starts to scream and tries to wriggle away but he is now collapsed on top of her, more or less pinning her down. I take it all in and just laugh, ripping the knife out of his back and plunging it back in again. And again. And again, picking up the pace the louder her screams of panic get. Then when I get tired of this, I press the knife against the half-dead guy's throat and slice it open, blood rushing out of it like a wonderful scarlet fountain, pouring all over the screaming girl underneath. She screams. She sobs. She retches. She chokes. And I just watch it all unfold, beaming. I just love it. I love it all! One minute I'm tired and want to get this over with so I can rest, but I'm enjoying it all far too much to rest now. My adrenaline has kicked into over drive. I can't stop shaking. I feel great. I feel amazing! I wan't more! I need more!

Instead of slaughtering the girl there and then, which I could easily do in a matter of minutes, I decide I want to toy with her. She's the last one. I want to have some fun.

I roll the body over so it's completely off her. She shakily backs up, crawling back away from me, sobbing and whimpering in fear. I just stand and watch my little prey, head tilted as I wonder what she's going to do next. Fight back? Beg? Run? Either or will be amusing for me.

"Dear, dear, dear", I hiss in a low tone. "It seems your boyfriend has had a little accident. What a shame."

"What th-the f-fuck? W-why did c-could? Oh God...Barry and Kelly!"

"Hm? Barry and... oh! So that was the two I met back there. Very nice people."

"W-why are you doing this? What do you want?!"

I take a single step towards her and she backs up more, gasping in fear, trying to hold in her crying.

"Want? Nothing. Nothing you could ever give me."

"Then why the fuck are you doing this?!"

"It's not about what I want, my dear. It's about...who I am and what I...was born to do..."


I let out a loud, long laugh which rips away the slight hint of bravery this broad seemed to display, causing her to shrink away.

"Sweetheart, complements wont help you now", I smile at her.


"Shhhh. Hush now. Just close your eyes, and it'll soon be all over. Close your eyes and just!"

I lunge at her and from out of no where she finds her strength and agility and leaps to her feet, making a run for it into the dark woods. I just smile wider than ever before.

This is exactly what I wanted.

I watch him stumble as he struggles to even stand up straight, let alone piss without any of it hitting his shoes. He starts mumbling and cursing to himself, fiddling with the zipper on his trousers. I stay hidden behind a tree, just watching him stagger back to the cabin when I let out one of my shrill laughs that many, many, many people find both intimidating and terrifying.

He stops right away (after nearly falling over) and whips his head about, looking around cautiously. Again, I lay low, waiting. He looks around a bit more, shrugs and stumbles away, only for me to do it again and this time he looks worried.

"Jason? The fuck man? Where are you hiding?"

Instead of heading to the cabin like he should have done, the poor idiot creeps back to where he did his business, looking around behind trees and bushes - opposite to where I had positioned myself. It's amusing to watch. Even in his heavily intoxicated state he is trying hard to put on a brave face and be all "tough" but I know he is scared. I can see it in his eyes. In the way he hunts around for the source of the noise. And in the way he talks.

"Jason, stop being a prick! What kind of creep watches his best friend piss anyway?! Where are you hiding?!"

The fool is becoming increasingly angry, kicking bushes and punching tree trunks. My hands begin to shake as I watch the helpless moron. I reach for my knife and contemplate whether to kill him now or toy with him a little more. How pathetic he looks makes me itch to slaughter him, but watching him get more and more panicked just humours me. As I debate my next actions, I notice he is coming closer to where I am hiding. I grin to myself, bursting with excitement. It's amazing how easy they make it for me. Too easy sometimes, but still fun. With a dark chuckle, loud enough for him to hear and stop suddenly, I slowly saunter my way around the tree to face him.

I keep my knife hidden behind my back and my hood is up slightly, but I am able to peer up at him through my dark hair, my unblinking eyes staring into his. He looks stunned, taking a step back at first. He didn't expect this. He didn't expect to see lil ol' me here now did he?

"Good evening", I hiss, even nodding my head a little at him. He quickly shakes off, or at least attempts to shake off his fear, clears his throat and stands (well, wobbles) into some kind of defence or fighting stance, fists clenched, eyes locked on mine, though not quite meeting them.

"Who the fuck are you?! What are you doing here?"

His tone of voice or his foul mouth don't affect me. He obviously has one lousy personality, but it doesn't phase me one bit. It just gives me more excuse to kill him.

Well, not that I need any excuses to begin with.

I tilt my head and shrug slightly, lifting my head a little to give him a better view of my beautifully modified facial features.

"Now, now, that's not a very nice way to talk to someone now is it? I'm new around here, just arrived in town".

"Well keep on moving! This is a private party we have here, so piss off!" He bravely takes another step towards me, though I can see his clenched fists shaking a little and I notice him swallow and gulp several times.

It's almost adorable how much these worms try and hide their fear from me.

Of course I don't obey his command. I just stand, staring at him, taking in the anger and the fear in his eyes, the sweat dripping down his head, the nervousness in his voice when he tries to act tough. It just makes me smile more at him and that smile really gets him going.

"Are you deaf?! I said piss off! Or I'll make you!"

This time I decide to slowly stalk over to him, making sure I have my knife gripped tightly behind my back. It's only then when I put my hood down and allow the moonlight to reflect on my face, he gets a good look at it and suddenly his bravery and "tough guy" act, smashes to pieces and he stumbles backwards, falling over on to his back. He doesn't make any attempt to stand up again and just crawls backwards, faster and faster until his back hits a tree and he gasps in surprise. I just smile at him, eyes wider than ever, locked on his.

"What's the matter? I thought you were going to make me leave?"

I always wonder which part terrifies people the most. My snow-white leather face? My black rimmed, unblinking, permanently wide open eyes? My stretched, ripped grin? Or simply just me. My presence alone is enough to send chills down anyone's spine.

"N-nah, man! It's cool! W-we're cool!", he says, lifting his hands up, completely submitting. I stop when I get right in front of him and that's when he notices I'm holding something behind my back.

"W-what uh...what you there?"

I crouch in front of him until we are at eye level, not breaking away my stare once. He starts to shake and I can see, and hear, that he is breathing heavy. The fear he is displaying is a pleasure to watch. I could honestly sit and watch him all day. That look of fear is just one of the many things that makes my urge grow stronger. It just fills me with more excitement. It makes me completely lose control.

"Just an old friend of mine", I say casually, revealing my blood stained knife.

"O-oh God!..", he cries out unintentionally, looking side to side, obviously trying to suss a way to make a run for it but he just can't find the courage to do so. He looks around desperately, probably hoping one of his friends will come to his rescue, but the distant laughter makes it obvious none of them have noticed his extra long disappearance. Or care. Or are too wrapped up in their own drunk state to be aware of anything. Their fate will come soon enough.

But right now it's just me and Barry.

"P-please! I-I'm sorry I was a dick! I'm completely wasted! No hard feelings, r-right?"

He's begging and pleading his way out of this now. All it does is make me chuckle, shaking my head.

"Oh Barry. Barry, Barry, Barry."

He looks completely horrified, probably wondering how I know his name.

"You're sorry, and I accept your apology. And I appreciate your pleas for life. I understand."

He nearly stops breathing altogether, looking hopeful. Ha. Poor fool.

"I'll always remember that. Don't you worry about it. All I ask now, is for you to do one more thing."

"What? What?! Y-yes! Anything, what is it? T-tell me and I'll-"


I shush him, a finger to my own lips until he nods firmly. I smile back, using one of my more, "charming" kind of smiles and stare back into his eyes.

"All I ask now is for you to just...."


"Go. To. Sleep."

"Wait! What? NO! WAI-ARGH!"

The knife is shoved so deeply into his throat, I'm surprised it didn't come out the back of his neck. I leave it in there for a minute, watching him struggle to breathe. To fight me off. To move away. He is gargling and gasping, eyes almost as wide as my own. I laugh loudly in his face, remove the knife and plunge it in his neck again. And again. And again!

Ohhhh, this is it! This is the amazing feeling I'm talking about! This is the satisfaction I crave! And it just feels better by the second!

I rip the knife out his neck again, admiring the fountain of blood I've created and bring the knife down to his chest. He is surprisingly, barely, still alive, although all the colour has drained from his face and his eyes are glazing over. He is still gargling blood and I shush him once again, closing his eyes for him.

"Shhh. It's nearly over."

I press the tip of the knife against his chest, right above where his frantically beating heart is. With a cry of power, I plunge the knife right into his heart. Again. Again. One more for luck!

I pant, laughing loudly. A small pool of blood forms around the corpse. There is blood all over him, me, the trees, pretty much everywhere but I don't care. I lick some that splattered on me earlier and smile in satisfaction at the taste. It feels so good. It all feels so amazing!

I stand up, wiping the knife on the front of my hoodie, ready to head back and spy on the rest of the campers until the sound of a small gasp makes me turn around quickly.

It's one of the girls from the camp.

She must have come by to finally check on Barry.

I don't know how much she saw but I can tell she is completely frozen in fear on the view she has stumbled upon. Her terrified eyes dart to and from me and Barry. She tries to make a sound but nothing comes out of her wide open mouth. She can't talk. She can't move. Even when I take a step towards her, she looks more terrified but doesn't make any attempt to run. Because she can't. Or maybe she's smart enough to know better.

"Well, hello there. My name is Jeff. I'm new in town. I just met Barry there and we had a lovely conversation, got to know each other a little. So how about me and you get to know each other now!"

I dart forward more quickly, and just when she finally gathers the ability to use her vocal chords again and scream, I slam my hand over her mouth, pinning her against a tree.

"Shhh, let's not have anyone spoil our fun."

The knife is gripped tightly in my hand, aimed at her heart.

And it is not long before she too is completely silenced.

I don't have any idea where I am, but that's nothing new. I didn't know the name of the last city I "stopped by". Or the one before that. Or any of them at all. I don't have time to find out, nor do I care really. I just care about fulfilling my desires. Some may call my needs and my passion selfish, inhumane, monstrous etc but I don't care about what anyone says. Besides, after ripping out their tongue and/or impaling them multiple times in the throat, they can't talk at all. Who are they to judge anyway? Pathetic people. Pathetic, hypocritical people. Everyone is "bad", at one point in time anyway. We're all guilty of something if you look hard enough.

It's late currently, pitch black with the stars being my only source of light as I explore the deepest darkest pit of the woods. I could manage perfectly without the starlight. I've grown accustom to seeing in the dark. Hell, having no eyelids, really brings out the best in your eyes. Well, at least for me it did. Crazy or not, my eyes are just constantly wide open to everything and anything. It's one of my greatest advantages, a way to have the upper hand on fools. No one can hide from me. No one can be quick. I don't blink. I don't close my eyes. I can see everything. Even in this pitch black wooded area I've found myself in. I don't really need to use my hands to find my way through. I can easily see the outline of trees and bushes and I'm walking slowly, careful not to trip over any fallen branches.

Don't misunderstand however, despite an ability to keep my eyes permanently open, it doesn't void me of resting. I'm, as much as I loathe to say it sometimes, a human being and sleep is a human necessity. It's not so hard to fall asleep with open eyes. That's currently what I am planning to do, well once I find somewhere to lay low!

Sheds. Garages. Attics. Basements. Old, abandoned houses. Caves. Even trees. Some of the places I've been forced to rest when needed.

I should introduce myself to this new city I've wandered into, get to meet some of the locals here, but in all honestly I am tired and need to recharge. I need to find somewhere, sleep, then carry on my infamous reputation tomorrow. I was on the run from cops, that's what lead me here in the first place. Sadly, I must admit they did have the upper hand and I, ugh, likely would have failed being up against so many, so I ran but I had a great time in my last city! A few lovely faces I'll never forget. I even skinned some of them and pinned them to fences just so they could be remembered, like masks! See?! I can be caring!

I felt like I'd been running for hours. I guess I had been really. Even once I was way out of sight, I had to make sure there was no way they could track me down. But years of experience has made me smart in that sense. I know exactly what to do. I know all the right tricks. I know everything.

Anyway, enough reflecting.

On my travels, I come across the familiar smell of smoke in the air, and eventually I see the unmistakable orange-red glow, and hear laughter. I stalk forward cautiously, being sure not to cause any kind of sound or disturbance, although I doubt I'd be heard. The laughter is far too loud, I can't even hear myself when I mumble out loud;

"Pathetic...stupid....gonna....gonna kill them...all...die..."

I chant this over and over to myself hiding behind a tree, just gazing at the scene before me. A small group of, what I assume, are teenagers, 4 to be exact; 2 males, 2 females, crowded round a bonfire, obviously drunk out their tiny minds. Some kind of party going on here. And what is this behind them? Some kind of log cabin I see! Very cosy looking. Very cosy indeed.

It would make a perfect little home for me during my visit to this city.

But of course I'd have to take out these mindless fools guarding it. Easy enough. Very easy. Too easy.

I'm tired but I think I could stay up a while longer. I'd be a fool to miss this perfect opportunity now, wouldn't I? After all, at least I'm getting to know the locals!

I'm stupid to fight my feelings anyway. I know this feeling. I know the way my muscles tighten, my fists clench and my body shakes, that I need to be satisfied. I long to fulfil my desire. I crave it. I crave it so badly. So badly it's almost unbearable.

But I need to be calm. Be calm for now. Hang back. Lay low just for the moment. And wait. Wait patiently. Bide my time.

I press the tip of my knife into the bark of the tree, not fighting the huge grin creeping over my face. This knife has been a part of me for years. It's been plunged into so many corpses. Sliced throats. Cut off body parts. Slaughtered so many victims. I always grin nostalgically at the fond, fond memories I have.

"I'll be back in a minute, guys! I need to take a piss!"

I glance up to see one of the teenage boys get up from his chair, though his legs wobble and seem to tumble, causing him to nearly crash to the grass, while his friends simply laugh at him.

"Good god, Barry, how many have you had?!"

"He's such a lightweight! What a loser!"

"Man, fuck you guys! I can handle my booze! Have a beer ready for me when I come back!"

Like you'll be doing that!

With that, Barry here, stumbles into the trees, directly opposite me. What luck. They're making this far too easy. Ah well, challenge is fun, but easiness speeds things up! I get to the best, most fun part quicker!

Being as stealthy as I always am, I make my ways around the makeshift camp site in pursuit of my intoxicated friend, my soon-to-be first victim of the evening!

I think I'm going to like it here!
I gotta go back to work on Monday morning after spending the last week off and my next holiday from work isn't until December T_T

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9th September aka my birthday aka I'm now 21! I was already legal to consume alcohol here in the UK but now I'm legal to do so in the USA so if I ever make it across there to you amazing/crazy/lovely Americans, I apologise in advance for my drunk antics! :P

I may be 21 on the outside though, but I'll ALWAYS be a kid at heart! 

But I had a great day! I got new Pyjamas, Slippers, Ring, Necklace and a Book! I've still yet to receive gifts from people who of which I'll be seeing throughout the week! And I got over £100! Dang, I feel spoiled! :D But its nice to feel loved! :love:

21 years ago today I came into the world and I'm still alive XD And the world has still put up with me all this time...

Thank you, world! XD
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littleangellaura1's Profile Picture
Call me "Laul" :)
United Kingdom
Name: Laura
But call me: Laul or Lala :3 (My 2 known nicknames xD )
Age: 21
Birthday: 9th September
Star Sign: Virgo
Birthstone: Sapphire
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Short, "Pixie" cut, purple-red
Pierced: Earlobes, lip x 2 (Spiderbites) , tongue
Nationality: Scottish

Sonic the Hedgehog and Creepypasta fan to the MAX!

10 Facts About Me

1. I've loved Sonic ever since I was 7
2. I'm Pansexual
3. If I didn't have video games, music and art then I think I'd lose the will to live!
4. I'm very tomboy and slightly gothic too
5. My biggest hates are Sushi, Wasps and My Little Pony
6. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
7. I'm a huge fan of horror films - My top 3 are Ouija, The Conjuring and Insidious
8. I'm a huge believer in ghosts, spirits and demons. I'd love to be a paranormal investigator or ghost hunter
9. I've been writing songs ever since I was 14
10. I'll NEVER grow up ;)
I gotta go back to work on Monday morning after spending the last week off and my next holiday from work isn't until December T_T

  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: Nightcore
  • Reading: Me Me Me - Charlotte Crosby
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  • Playing: Animal Crossing
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